New Drug Plan ID Cards from Magellan Rx

Effective July 1, 2020, Magellan Rx Management administers the U-M prescription drug benefit plan.

New drug plan ID cards were mailed to drug plan members in June. If you are enrolled in a U-M health plan and did not receive a new drug plan ID card, call Magellan Rx at (888) 272-1346 to request a card. You may print a temporary ID card to fill out and show to your pharmacist if you need to fill a prescription prior to receiving your new card.

Frequently Asked Questions - New Pharmacy Benefit Manager

What is a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM)?
A Pharmacy Benefit Manager is a company that handles the billing between pharmacies and the university, as well as member and pharmacy customer services on behalf of the university. The university selected Magellan Rx Management as the new U-M Prescription Drug Plan PBM.
Why did the university select Magellan Rx Management?
The university selected Magellan Rx Management for several reasons, including but not limited to: additional services, greater flexibility for the university to meet changing needs of drug plan members, and better drug pricing with retail pharmacies.
When will the transition to Magellan Rx take place?
The transition took place July 1, 2020. 
Why change PBMs now?
The U-M Benefits Administration Office continuously reviews and evaluates services provided by the companies that administer the U-M benefits plans. The search for a new pharmacy benefit manager began in April 2019 and considered feedback from the university community on their service experiences.
What changes will affect me?
Two new drug plan ID cards were mailed to drug plan members in June from Magellan Rx Management. You must show the new ID card to your pharmacist the first time you or your covered family member go to the pharmacy on or after July 1, 2020.
How do I get a new drug plan ID card?
In June, Magellan Rx mailed a "welcome packet" containing new ID cards to all U-M Prescription Drug Plan members at their address on file with the university. If you do not receive your card, you may print a temporary ID card to use on or after July 1, 2020. Call Magellan Rx at (888) 272-1346 to request a card.
Do I need to take any action?
Beginning on July 1, 2020, just show your new Magellan Rx ID card to the pharmacist the next time you, or your covered family member, need to have a prescription filled. The pharmacy can then verify your participation in the U-M Prescription Drug Plan. If you wish to access the Magellan Rx web portal to check your copay and see your drug history, register at the Magellan website at
Will I have to pay more for my prescriptions?
No. The U-M Prescription Drug Plan drug benefits and copays remain the same.
Can I continue using the same medications?
Yes. Your drug coverage is not changing.
Will my authorizations and approvals be transferred?
Yes. Current, active authorizations and approvals will be transferred to Magellan Rx.
Will my mail order prescription be affected by this change?
NoviXus, U-M's former mail order pharmacy, became Birdi on July 1, 2021. Set up your new account at to get the same efficient service. 
Can I use the same pharmacist and/or drug store I’ve been using to fill my prescriptions?
The Magellan Rx pharmacy network includes a nationwide network of 60,000 pharmacies. In most cases, you will be able to continue using the same pharmacy. Be sure to show your new University of Michigan / Magellan drug plan ID card when filling a prescription.
Will Magellan Rx have a member website available?
Yes, visit The member website provides the following:
  • Pharmacy Listing: Listing of pharmacies by geographic area.
  • Drug Pricing/Copay Calculator: Find the appropriate cost sharing for the University of Michigan-specific formulary.
  • Drug Coverage Check: Verify coverage of a specific medication on the formulary.
  • Formulary Listing: Alphabetical listing of medications organized by medical condition.
  • How do I determine if my local pharmacy is a Magellan Rx network pharmacy?
The Magellan Rx member portal,, provides a listing of network pharmacies by geographic location. Alternatively, you may call the Magellan Rx customer service dedicated line for U-M members at (888) 272-1346 for help finding a participating pharmacy near you.
What if my local pharmacy is not a network pharmacy?
Magellan Rx has a large network of pharmacies all over the country. For the most convenient and lowest out of pocket cost, check the Magellan Rx pharmacy locator on the member portal to find a participating pharmacy near you. If you have your prescription filled at a pharmacy that does not participate in the Magellan Rx network, you will have to pay the full cost of the drug and then file a claim with Magellan Rx for reimbursement or transfer your prescription to a participating pharmacy. Please be aware, that you will be reimbursed the amount that would have been paid to a participating pharmacy. Reimbursement claims must be filed within 90 days of fill.
Will my pharmacy be notified of this change?
All pharmacies within the Magellan Rx network received a fax in June containing the Magellan Rx billing information for the University of Michigan Prescription Drug Plan. In addition, the University of Michigan pharmacy management team has directly communicated the change to the leadership of our top pharmacies.
What should I do with my old MedImpact drug plan ID cards?
You can destroy your old drug plan ID cards by carefully cutting them up and discarding the pieces and begin using your new ID cards on July 1. If you have not received your new cards, call Magellan Rx Management's customer service at (888) 272-1346.
Where can I get up to date information on the U-M Prescription Drug Plan?
The most current information on the U-M Prescription Drug Plan, and all of the University of Michigan benefits, can be found on the University Human Resources website.
My question wasn't on this list, who can I call?
If you have a question regarding your prescription drug plan, call the Magellan Rx customer service dedicated line for U-M members at (888) 272-1346.
What if I need to speak to someone regarding an issue with a pharmacy claim?
For pharmacy claims prior to July 1, 2020 please contact MedImpact customer service at (800) 681-9578 regarding any prescription claim questions. For claims on or after July 1, Magellan Rx Management’s customer service representatives are available to assist you at (888) 272-1346.