Family-to-Family Support Posting Board

The Family-to-Family Support Posting Board is a resource to help families in our community connect to find in-kind, unpaid support (i.e., swapping and sharing of in-home services). Here you can post a request and your offer of support, or browse postings and send a reply.  

Examples of types of requests and offers include:

  • Before or after-school carpooling
  • Occasional child care and play dates
  • Tutoring
  • Elder care

When posting, you can request and offer unpaid support without disclosing such personal information as your full name or email. If you are interested in replying to a post, the form used discloses your umich email to the original poster. At that point, it’s up to the person who originally made the post to reply and continue the conversation. Please use your best discretion when considering any replies you may receive. Continuing via your umich email or other means is completely your decision. 

To View Posts or to Submit and Manage a Post, you will need to affirm that you have read the Family-to-Family Support Posting Board disclaimer and login with your umich web login. Best of luck in building new connections and finding ways to support one another.


The Family-to-Family Support Posting Board” acts only as a “posting board” and does not conduct background checks on individuals using the Family-to-Family Support Posting Board. The responsibility for background checks rests solely and completely with all posting board users. The Family-to-Family Support Posting Board is not a U-M program or service, and U-M is not responsible for any postings to the website. The fact that U-M allows for this posting board does not create an employment relationship, nor does U-M act as a guarantor of users or services provided. All users are encouraged to review and comply with applicable State of Michigan Child Care Licensing Rules, and any other applicable law and regulations. The U-M Work-Life Resource Center does not endorse or represent any resources listed as recommended by U-M.