Move Out of a Managed Care Service Area

Normally, you cannot change your health plan during the plan year (January 1 through December 31). However, if you are covered by a managed care plan (U-M Premier Care/Advantage or Michigan Care/Advantage) and move outside the plan's service area, you will need to change your health plan.

Change Form

If you move and you need to change your coverage, complete the Moving Out of a Managed Care Service Area eForm (a paper version is available here) and submit it to SSC Benefits Transactions as instructed on the form within 30 days of your move. Your new coverage will become effective the first day of the month after your move. Medicare Advantage plans may have different effective dates, depending on when the form was received. Your next opportunity to make a change will be the next Open Enrollment period, with the change effective January 1.

Update Your Address

After you move, remember to update your address, phone number, and emergency contact information in Wolverine Access by selecting Employee Self-Service > Campus Personal Information. Note that you will need to update your address directly with TIAA and Fidelity Investments if you participate in any retirement savings plans.

Dependent Out-of-Area Coverage for U-M Premier Care, GradCare and Michigan Care Plans

If you are a U-M Premier Care or GradCare member and your eligible spouse, OQA, or dependent child will be residing at least 50 miles outside of the U-M Premier Care Provider Network 1 area for at least three (3) months, your eligible dependent may register with Blue Care Network (BCN) to receive in-network coverage for services received from an out-of-network provider. Certain services are covered only if they are prior-authorized by BCN, and other limitations or restrictions may apply. For more information on registration procedures and coverage provisions, please call BCN Customer Service at (800) 658-8878.

If you are a Michigan Care member and your eligible spouse, OQA or dependent child moves out of the Michigan Care service area, the plan provides coverage for those dependents that meet eligibility guidelines. Pre-certification is required for certain services, and the member must register with Physicians Health Plan to obtain approval for out-of-area dependent coverage. For more information, call Michigan Care customer service at 833-484-8450.


The health plans reserve the right to deny claims and terminate coverage if you live outside the service area for 60 days.

Keep in mind that participating primary care physicians (PCPs) and hospitals are always subject to change. Contract renewal dates between managed care plans and PCPs vary, and renewal is at the option of either party. In the event that your PCP's affiliation with your medical plan ends midway through the calendar year, you will need to select another PCP within your service area. Before enrolling in a new managed care plan, check the provider directory to make sure it includes a doctor of your choice, or check that plan's website for PCP information. You can also call the physician directly to verify participation in a particular health plan.