What do You do if Your Childcare Falls Through?

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Registration for Kids Kare at Home, a sick-child and backup child care service for the University of Michigan community, is now open.

This service is for those times when regular care is unavailable. For example, when a child needs to stay home due to illness, but the parent must be on campus or at work, a Kids Kare caregiver may be available to provide backup care in the home.

“As a newly single mom finding childcare was something very new to me and very frightening. My supervisor suggested the service and it has been nothing short of amazing,” says Shani Mosley, a Senior Billing Clerk at the ​Mary A. Rackham Institute. “My children are very shy and have come to love the caregivers who spend time with them. They check in with me and make sure I'm at ease throughout the day. I'd definitely recommend using the Kids Kare program.” 

To use the Kids Kare at Home program, faculty, staff, and students must first register online. Parents are encouraged to register now to ensure access to the service beginning Jan. 1. Registration is free and there is no obligation to use the service.

"It's just nice to know that you can access this service if you ever need it," adds Barb Mulay, manager of the Work-Life Resource Center. "And that the university cares enough to support this service to make U-M a flexible and open place to work and learn."

An hourly sliding-scale rate, based on total family income, will be determined upon registration. Parents who enrolled for the service in 2019 must re-register for 2020.

Learn more or register for Kids Kare at Home

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