New Leadership Courses at U-M

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Explore Organizational Leadership's diverse offerings to support you wherever you are in your leadership journey.

Communication Styles in the Workplace - NEW

This course will explore communication in the workplace through the  Straight Talk® system developed by communications expert and organizational leadership consultant Eric Douglas. It is open to any U-M faculty or staff member interested in developing their communication skills to be more effective and successful in their role.

Psychological Safety in the Workplace - NEW

This course will explore what psychological safety is (and is not) and how leaders can contribute to a positive, values-based workplace culture. It is open to any U-M manager or supervisor who is interested in creating and maintaining a psychologically safe workplace.

Disrupting Everyday Bias For Leaders - NEW

In this course, you will learn about the fundamental concepts for understanding and disrupting your everyday biases. Together we will examine the PAUSE model for identifying and disrupting your biases, as developed by Be Equitable.

Giving and Receiving Feedback - NEW

This course will provide practical strategies for giving and receiving feedback gracefully and constructively. It is open to any U-M faculty or staff member interested in increasing their expertise with feedback conversations.

More Leadership Courses

Talent Acquisition Bootcamp

Learn how to identify and use inclusive hiring strategies and practices in this course designed for U-M faculty and staff involved in recruiting and hiring staff, especially hiring managers, hiring team members or individuals coordinating staff searches.

Introduction to Leadership at U-M

Designed to assist faculty and staff in developing the essential leadership skills necessary to lead a team of individuals at U-M, this Introduction to Leadership course will be helpful whether you are in a formal leadership position or not.

Transitioning from Peer to Supervisor

Join Peer to Supervisor and learn how to identify opportunities and challenges in your transition to supervisor.

Introduction to Payroll

Learn more about the policies and procedures of processing payroll that will help ensure accurate and timely pay for your employees.

Introduction to Procurement

Learn how to identify which items you can purchase with and without Procurement Services Involvement and the appropriate buying method for your purchase.

Creating a Positive Work Environment

This foundational course provides managers with the tools and knowledge to lead a successful culture change journey within their team. You'll walk away with the tools to improve productivity and efficiency while fostering a healthy work-life balance and more.

This course is open to any U-M managers or supervisors who would like to learn how to make positive changes to their workplace climate and culture.

Understanding the Administrative Services Offered by the Shared Services Center

The Shared Services Center (SSC) provides a broad range of transactional support in collaboration with university business partners for all three campuses and Michigan Medicine. Learn how to navigate the variety of services provided by the U-M Shared Services Center.

Introduction to Financial Resources

In this course, you will learn how to identify a supervisor’s responsibilities for effective stewardship of university funds and determine appropriate revenue sources for unit expenditures.

Strategies to Prevent Workplace Issues and Retaliation

This course gives leaders tools and strategies to create a more welcoming and respectful work environment. You'll leave with tools to help you create an environment that prevents wrongdoing and retaliation and more.

This course is open to U-M Leaders with at least one direct report who would like to create an environment where employees feel safe to express concerns, provide feedback and report complaints without fear of retaliation.

Foundations of Leadership

Foundations of Leadership is a leadership development course focused on the five key University of Michigan expectations:

  • Communication
  • Coach and Develop Talent
  • Foster and Promote Diverse Teams
  • Lead Innovation and Change
  • Solve Problems

This course is available to U-M leaders who are new to the organization or their leadership role with up to three years of supervisory or management experience and at least one direct report.

New Foundations of Leadership sessions are now available.

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