Make it a Practice to Weave Kindness into Your Workday

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Kindness, gratitude and compassion make a positive difference in the workplace. And bringing care into your daily interactions can help cultivate a supportive community.

This is the basis of Be Kind Be Well, a collection of digital resources from MHealthy that provide more ways to weave messages of compassion and kindness into your workday. 

“We can offer support to others by setting an intention for a little more care, patience, and understanding in relationships,” says Kelcey Stratton, Ph.D., Chief Behavioral Health Strategist, UHR. “By bringing compassion and kindness into daily interactions we can all help lift up one another. And in the season of reflection and gratitude, it’s an especially good time of year to practice kindness and express thanks for what you value about others.”

Ways You Can Share Be Kind Be Well

Research shows that kindness helps improve trust and connectedness. You can let others know that you are a positive presence in the workplace by sharing the Be Kind Be Well message.

  • Print and post a flier
  • Download a Zoom background
  • Add a wallpaper to your mobile phone
  • Add an image to your email signature
  • Say thanks with the Gratitude Email Generator

Learn more about simple actions you can take to contribute to kindness at work and in your life. Check out Be Kind Be Well now.

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