Let’s Talk About Mental Health

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Our community is stronger when we all make mental health a priority. This May, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s all make an effort to be more compassionate and open to discussing mental and emotional health in our workplace. 

Let’s Talk  About Mental Health 

"A great way to start is by checking in with one another. It’s a simple action that can go a long way in promoting our overall well-being," said Kelcey Stratton, chief behavioral health strategist, at University Human Resources. “Although it can sometimes seem difficult to start a conversation about emotions or mental health, there are resources to learn and practice these skills. In doing so, we can all play a role in normalizing the discussion. Mental Health Awareness Month is an opportunity to recognize that everyone's mental health is important, and it’s absolutely okay to reach out and talk about it. Remember that you are not alone. We can all listen and provide support to one another.”

Normalizing discussions about mental health can foster feelings of compassion, connection, and belonging in our workplace. If you want to help start a mental health conversation, here are a few ideas. 

Resources for Your Mind and Mood

Additional resources to help you feel your best are listed on the UHR website, including a confidential online screening tool, plus detailed information about plan benefits for mental health. There are also several events planned in May, including facilitated discussion groups, courses from Organizational Learning to help supervisors learn how to support their teams, and guided mindfulness on central campus and in the Arb.

Need More Support? We Are Here for You

If you’d like to learn more about self-care, and stress management, or are interested in talking with a professional, counselors are available for no-charge, confidential services. Managers and supervisors can request confidential consultation on addressing stress and mental health concerns to support their teams.

If you work on any academic campus, contact the Faculty and Staff Counseling and Consultation Office (FASCCO) at 734-936-8660 or [email protected]. If you work at Michigan Medicine, contact the Office of Counseling and Workplace Resilience (OCWR) at 734-763-5409 or [email protected]

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