Funding Available for Ergonomic-Friendly Solutions in the Workplace 

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Is manually lifting heavy equipment causing awkward movement? Is repeating the same motions for long periods of time causing discomfort? There may be a more ergonomic way to work.

Apply for an ergonomics grant

Departments and units that want to solve ergonomic issues can apply for a grant through the MHealthy Ergonomics Awareness Program through October 31.

October is National Ergonomics Month, raising awareness of the importance of fitting the workplace to the worker. This can result in improved safety, health, productivity and job satisfaction. 

Any employee can apply on behalf of their area. Grants are awarded up to $5,000 to help purchase equipment or redesign work processes. To help support more university areas, departments and units that receive a grant are encouraged to share in the cost of the project.

What qualifies?

Applications are encouraged if any of the following apply to an area’s employees: 

  • Experiencing physical discomfort due to manually lifting, pushing, pulling or transporting equipment, objects or patients.

  • Bending over, reaching up or performing awkward, repetitive motion for several hours during the workday.

  • Experiencing physical stress or discomfort due to work equipment.

Grants are awarded based on:

  • Significance of the ergonomic issue.

  • Feasibility of the project.

  • Anticipated outcome.

Visit the MHealthy ergonomics website for more information on what projects will, and will not, be considered. Examples of past funded projects are also listed. 

The MHealthy Ergonomics Awareness team reviews all applications. The team includes representatives from MHealthy; UMHHC Safety Management Services; Environment, Health and Safety in Ann Arbor; the Department of Environmental Health and Safety in Dearborn; and Environment, Health and Safety in Flint.


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