Experience the Pride of Path-Making LGBTQ+ Americans

People walking through a hallway with flags from different countries and maize and blue balloons.

Imagine being forced to conceal who you truly are. Risking your life for your country as a member of the Air Force. Earning a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. Being dishonorably discharged for coming out.

Sergeant Leonard Matlovich used this opportunity to make the armed forces more inclusive, changing the course of gay rights for those in service.  

Learn more about LGBTQ+ American trailblazers such as Laverne Cox, the first trans person to ever receive an Emmy nomination, Tammy Baldwin, the first openly gay senator in U.S. history, Christine Jorgensen, who humanized the gender struggles of other Americans and more.

Watch the new LGBTQ+ Pride Month videos and celebrate the differences that make our country great. Through their courage, these individuals have energized others to be their authentic selves.

About the Heritage Month Video Series

Each month, a new set of videos created by diversity trainer Dr. Steve Robbins is available for viewing. They can be watched alone or with groups to promote discussion and understanding.

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Help create a climate that welcomes differences among people.

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