Appreciate the Achievements of Workers With Disabilities

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Have you ever felt rejected for being different? Alexis Wineman had a lonely childhood filled with bullying. But that didn’t stop her from becoming the first autistic contestant to compete in the Miss America competition and inspiring those who feel different.

This inspiring story is one of many in this month’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month videos available from Organizational Learning. 

National Disability Employment Awareness Month is an opportunity to celebrate the many achievements of workers with disabilities and learn about the significance of a workforce that embraces their talents and skills. 

Discover astonishing individuals such as Dr. Jacob Bolotin, the first person born totally blind to become a licensed physician, Marlee Matlin, the first and only deaf actor to receive an Oscar, and Chirs Burke, the first prime time TV star with Down Syndrome. 

Watch the new Disability Employment Awareness Month videos and learn more about determined, hard working Americans who have overcome incredible obstacles.

About the Heritage Month Video Series 

Each month, a new set of videos created by diversity trainer Dr. Steve Robbins is available for viewing. They can be watched alone or with groups to promote discussion and understanding. Watch new Disability Employment Awareness Month videos and sign up to receive future videos. Help create a climate that welcomes differences among people.

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