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Work Climate Team

2014 Team Roster (PDF)


The VOICES of the Staff Work Climate team will focus on understanding attitudes and behaviors in the workplace that contribute to creating and fostering a positive work culture.  The team will explore ways that the work climate at the University of Michigan can support and sustain employee performance, creativity, and motivation through positive workplace interactions and organizational practices.


To examine the selected topic of Work Climate by:

  • Listening to, and learning from the work climate experiences of U-M staff to help address related issues that matter most for staff.
  • Learning about current best thinking with regards to the creation of work climates that motivates and improves performance at all levels.
  • Identifying opportunities and areas of interest, which could include such topics as communications, ethics, workplace safety.
  • Identifying and proposing mechanisms to support positive working relationships between employees and their managers.
  • Identifying mechanisms to generate and facilitate the flow of communication and information between different levels within work units (e.g. staff, managers, faculty, and physicians); promoting respectful communication and engagement that recognizes and values the contributions of each member of the unit.
  • Serving as a sounding board for new initiatives or strategies as they relate to improving and enhancing the university‚Äôs work climate.
  • Finding ways to share what is learned with the wider staff community.


The Work Climate Team has compiled a list of resources for improving the workplace. Click here:

View the Work Climate Team's progress report and list of recommended resources prepared for the 2010 Annual Meeting.

Network Team Members

2014 Rosters will be updated in July. For the current list, see the 2014 Team Roster (PDF).

Work Climate Team Photo

Team Members Department

Antoun, Rachel

Confucius Institute

Burchi, Debra

Pos Anes Care Unit - UH

Bushkuhl, Benjamin


Christman, Kelli

Investigative Drug Service

Conte, Constance

Howell Pediatrics

Daum, Janet

Child and Adolescent Psych

Emmons, Lana

Pediatric Cardiology

Erickson, Charlene

School of Dentristry

Knickerbocker, Benjamin

Anesthesia Mott

Lentner, Rachel


Love, Herman

UMH CVC Clinic

Mackniesh, Roberta

Patient Food/Nutrition Services

McCully, Samantha

Internal Medicine

Newman, Robert

UMH Friends Gift Shop

Phalin, Carl (Randy)

Material Services

Phillips, Julie

East Ann Arbor RAD

Provencher, DeLaney

CW Mott Respiratory Therapy

Sarrica, Stephen


Scowley, Mary Ann

Central Staffing Resource

Sharp, Jill


Thomas, Michele

Ross School


Advisors and Faculty Partners

Team Members Department

Barb Mulay

UHR Work/Life Resources

John Sonnega

UHR MHealthy

Tom Waldecker

UHR Faculty & Staff Assistance Program

Cassandra Willis-Abner

Managed Care Operations



Team Members Department

Darci Hoag


Lemar Thomas

Customer Service Excellence


2014 Team Roster (PDF)

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