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Parking and Transportation Team

2014 Team Roster (PDF)


The VOICES of the Staff network for Parking and Transportation will explore safe, timely, efficient and economical transportation and parking alternatives to address the needs of staff commuting to work and/or traveling between meeting locations to conduct University business.


  • Identify ways to better ensure availability of employee parking
  • Explore safety/security issues and disability concerns
  • Develop creative ways to fund solutions
  • Explore alternative options to parking


  • A new lottery program to offer reserved parking spaces to employees working “off shifts” at the Health System was implemented in 2007.
  • The Voices Parking and Transportation team has suggested many ideas to make the use of commuter lots and commuter shuttle buses more appealing to staff in the hope of reducing some of the “hunt for a blue space” frustration. These suggestions—and the solutions that have been implemented as a result—include:

    • Commuter buses now offer service until 1 a.m. year-round.
    • Parking and Transportation Services is suggesting to commuters from south and west of Ann Arbor (identified by zip code) that they can save commute time by using the Crisler commuter lot.
    • The 6:30 a.m. commuter bus from Crisler to the Health System has become a nonstop called the Med Express.
    • Parking and Transportation Services changed the color designation of 125 parking spots in Hayward/Hubbard lot on North Campus from yellow to orange to ease congestion.
    • New and redesigned bus shelters scheduled to be installed in 2008 have been ordered for East Medical Center Drive (near the intersection of East Hospital Drive).
    • Bus shelters were installed on Fuller Road in 2006 based on feedback from team members about hospital staff members difficulties crossing the street.
    • Parking & Transportation Services has redesigned their website based on Voices’ feedback. The redesigned site is much easier to use and navigate. Visit it at:
    • To encourage new employees to choose orange parking tags instead of blue ones, a raffle was offered in 2006 offering prize drawings for orange tag holders who kept them at least 3 months.
    • A full bus transit station is planned when the new Mott hospital is completed in 2011.
    • Use of the Michivan commuter vans has increased steadily based on customer satisfaction with the service.

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Work in Progress

  • Continued exploration of parking and transportation-related safety and security concerns
  • Promote alternative options to blue and gold parking—such as use of the light blue, renewable AVI tag—to staff groups all over campus.
  • Report on staff feedback about the proposed Washtenaw-Livingston county commuter train and east-west commuter train sponsored by SEMCOG.
  • Participate in the design input for the transit centers planned for Wall Street and Mott Hospital and the redesigned transit center on Central Campus.
  • Consider transitioning into an advisory team for the Parking & Transportation Services.


  • Ever heard of a light blue AVI parking pass? It’s a rechargeable parking card for Blue Lot access that comes loaded with 10 parking. Great for anyone who only needs on-campus parking once in a while (useable in any blue lot with AVI gate access).
  • Interested in vanpooling or carpooling options? The PTS office can help match you up with someone in your vicinity. Call 734 764-1100 or
  • Are you an off-shift worker at the Health System who can never find a place to park? Register for the Off-Shift Parking Lottery for access to a special reserved lot. For more information, call 764 -8291.
  • Ever seen the Magic Bus? If you use the campus shuttle buses, you can track their current location online at
  • Want to know whether an Orange, Yellow, Blue, Lt Blue or a Guest parking pass is right for you? Contact the Parking and Transportation Services office at 764-8291.
  • Are you a UMHS commuter who lives south or west of Ann Arbor? The first bus of the morning out of the Crisler commuter lot makes a run directly to the health system with no stops—can shorten your morning commute every day!

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Network Team Members

2014 Rosters will be updated in July. For the current list, see the 2014 Team Roster (PDF).

Parking & Transportation Team Photo

Team Members


Bachmayer, Matthew

Facilities Electrical Maintenance

Bajcz, Max

Parking & Transportation

Greene, Jessi

OVP for Development

Hendrick, Jessica


Hudgins, Donna

Plant Operations

Parks, Brenda

Law School

Rushlow, Aaron

Environmental Svcs

Spaulding, Gail

Pediatric Surgery Section

Stropp, Celeste

Pediatric Surgery

Taylor, Phyllis

Alumni Association

Woodman, Britain

University Library



Team Members Department

Steve Dolen

Parking & Transportation

Grant Winston

Parking & Transportation



Team Members Department

Ruth Gretzinger

Michigan Creative

Tim Kennedy

Building Automation Systems


2014 Team Roster (PDF)


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