Special Events: Managers' Conference 2009

VOICES of the Staff presents:  Secrets for Great Managers

The VOICES Career Development Network MemberOn Friday, June 26, 2009, Voices of the Staff presented Secrets for Great Supervisors, a half-day conference attended by nearly 300 front-line managers and supervisors across the University. Following introductory remarks by Laurita Thomas, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and a panel discussion focusing on strategies for managing successfully, participants attended their choice of breakout sessions designed to provide them with helpful, transferable tools. Below is a summary of each of the breakout sessions, along with downloadable presentations.

Rolando Croocks, Laundry Director at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health System (above), presented as part of a panel discussion on Creating a Healthy, Supportive Work Culture During Challenging Economic Times.

Mary Ceccanese (below, right), of the Ross School of Business, presented an interactive session on Building High-Quality Connections.

Mary CEven if you were unable to attend the event in person, the PowerPoint presentations listed after each of the workshop descriptions below will offer you a wealth of valuable information to enhance your managerial skill and confidence.

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Breakout Session Summaries and PowerPoint Presentations

Building on 'Thank You': How Recognition Can Engage Your Staff

Presenters: The VOICES Rewards & Recognition Network, with Facilitators Byron Myer (Administrative Specialist, Social Work) and Jaime Palmby (Retention & Recognition Program Coordinator, Human Resources)

The times are changing quickly, and we're all starting to see the effects of the economy—it has made a major impact on employee morale, departmental budgets, and employee engagement. How can a supervisor hope to keep up morale in this new and changing environment?

Join us for this session where we'll look at how departments can be proactive and retain their employees by developing a positive and engaged workforce! We'll defeat the top 10 arguments against recognition, hear about best practices from other units, learn how to develop a recognition team in your workplace, and find out how recognition can be an employee motivator—while keeping your budget down and morale up!

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Now Discover Your Strengths: How to Increase Staff Productivity By Leveraging Talent

Presenter: Kristen Storey, Director, Human Resource Development

Have you ever wondered why or how Tiger Woods and Bill Gates have been so phenomenally successful in their careers? They’ve stayed true to their personal strengths. During this presentation you will receive an introduction to important key points from the ground breaking book Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton, Ph.D. and discuss practical ways of how to use the concepts back on the job.

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Best Practices: Making the Connection


Session 1:  U-M Managers Panel

  • Terry Houser, Manager, Application Infrastructure Group, MAIS
  • Denise Stegall, Director, HR Information Systems, University HR
  • Rosanne Whitehouse, Chief Department Administrator, Health InformationManagement

Session 2:  U-M Managers Panel

  • Maria Ceo, Chief Department Administrator, UMH Radiology
  • Terry Houser, Manager, Application Infrastructure Group, MAIS
  • Denise Stegall, Director, HR Information Systems, University HR
  • Rosanne Whitehouse, Chief Department Administrator, Health Information Management

Not all staff are created equal. Some require a different managerial approach. As a manager, can you identify what type of approach will make your staff successful? And, even if you're able to identify this, can you adapt your managerial style to get the most from your staff? Or, frankly, should you have to? A panelist of managers who have demonstrated success in these areas will provide best practices of how to make positive connections with staff.

Recruiting to Retain: Hiring in a Tough Economy

Presenter:  Mindy Warden, Health Care Recruitment Coordinator and Darci Watson, Health Careers Recruiter

In today's tough economy, it's important to understand your recruitment options and the benefit of a well planned strategy. We may have little control over things that impact our work externally, but being aware of the interests of your candidate pool, your recruitment options and how to make sure you get the most "bang for your buck" will help you create a team of happy and well-qualified individuals, while remaining in touch with your organizational needs. Come find out how to recognize potential in your candidate pool, plan your recruitment strategies and have fun in the process!

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Flex Work Options – What Are They, Do I Want Them and How Do I Get Them?

Presenter: Jennie McAlpine, Director, Work/Life Programs

We’ve heard a great deal about flexible schedules and other options that can make it easier for employees to balance work and home life. This workshop will explore the pros and cons of different flex work options from an employer and employee perspective, take a look at where the University is currently in implementing flex work and talk about future directions in this area.

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Choosing One from Many: Techniques for Finding Qualified Candidates and Hiring the Best Person for the Job

Presenter:  Deborah Orlowski, Training and Organizational Development Consultant, Human Resource Development

Do you feel overwhelmed by the large number of resumes you receive from your job postings? This interactive workshop will provide the secrets to finding qualified candidates and hiring the best person for the job. You will discover:

  • How to write accurate, up-to-date job descriptions
  • Define desired qualifications
  • Develop recruitment strategies that produce diverse applicant pools
  • Analyze and screen resumes in a fair and non-discriminatory manner

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Retention Interview Process

Presenter: Darrell Washington, Project Manager, University Human Resources

Research tells us that retention is most likely when employees have good relationships with their supervisors, are satisfied with their jobs, and have opportunities to grow and pursue career goals. To this end, the University is committed to maintaining a highly qualified and diverse workforce through focused career discussions that keep staff members engaged and committed to continuing their careers at the University of Michigan.

The Retention Interview Process offers these benefits for managers and supervisors:

  • Helps managers and supervisors strengthen their relationship with employees
  • Generates effective ideas about how staff members can have a better experience on the job now
  • Guides staff members to stronger career growth in the future
  • Helps the University retain valuable staff members

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Building Trust in Your Workplace

Presenters: Mary Ceccanese, Administrative Specialist, Ross School of Business and Karen Dickinson, Relationship Manager, IT Central Services

Research shows that High-Quality Connections (HQCs) can energize your workplace. HQCs are interactions between people marked by mutual regard, trust, and respectful engagement. This interactive session will offer practical advice on how to build trust in your workplace by using reflection exercises and demonstrating real-life scenarios.

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The Supervisor’s Role in Staff Career Development

Presenters: The VOICES Career Development Network

VOICES of the Staff Career Development Network team will share their work over the past five years focused on helping supervisors understand how to best demonstrate a commitment to staff career and professional development. High-performing teams require staff who are continuing to develop their skills. Supervisors can play a key role in helping with employee productivity, retention and satisfaction by being a resource to their staff members as they plan their U-M careers. This workshop will help you to identify and understand effectively utilize the tools available at the University to help staff with their career navigation.

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