University leaders invest in Voices of the Staff programs to help staff share, learn, grow

University leadership has made another financial investment in Voices of the Staff, also known as VOICES. The Executive Officers recently approved funding for two VOICES initiatives.

The Career Development Passport, a 12-month pilot initiative with the goal of enhancing knowledge of career navigation strategies among employees. As many as 900 employees from the Ann Arbor and Medical campuses will be able to participate and each will receive a “Passport” to document their career/professional development journeys. This one-time funding is in addition to support provided to maintain the Career Development Services website.

VOICES received funding to host two bi-annual conferences focusing on sharing best practices that can help improve workplaces across all U-M campuses and assist the university in meeting its effectiveness and efficiency goals. The conference will be modeled after the successful VOICES StaffWorks Conference, held in May 2011 and created the VOICES Best Practices & Technology Team. Information about the first StaffWorks conference is available here.

“This is a resounding statement of support for U-M staff by our leadership,” said Laurita Thomas, Associate Vice President for Human Resources. “These initiatives will help staff become more engaged by providing valuable opportunities for professional growth and knowledge-sharing. And the more engaged we are at work, the more we contribute to the greater mission of the university.”