About Voices: Core Team

Core Team Homepage


Two members chosen by each network group.

One program coordinator.

Advisory members as needed (resources).

Statement of Purpose

Serves in an advisory capacity to President, Executive Officers and CHRO on organizational climate and satisfaction issues, provide suggestions/actions on programmatic interests and development, and act as sounding board on potential initiatives.


Present new issues from their groups to the core team.

Present information/actions on existing issues from their respective group to administration through the CHRO, who will shepherd the advice through appropriate University decision-making processes.

Share/disseminate information/feedback from executives to network.

Provide names of staff to potentially serve on University committees.

Determine and present issues to executives that need further attention.

Facilitate their group to accomplish the charge.

Provide guidance to their group on the issues.

Plan and create the President’s meeting content.


    Execute actions within scope/approval.

    Carry VOICES of community to President, Executive Officers, and CHRO.

    Carry discussion with President back to network.

    Integrate work of the subgroups in the network.

    Advisory role to provide information.

    Make suggestions and implement actions.


    Local unit-specific issues will not be addressed unless systemic.

    Issues subject to mediation, grievance or conflict management should not be addressed.

    The collective bargaining process will be respected.

Term Limit

One-year commitment from start with one year roll-off for some members.


Quick wins.

President’s meeting(s) package.

Issues log.

Agendas and minutes.

Provide status updates to U-M executives.