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Special Projects & Awards - Staff Recognition Programs

The Service Award Program

Our staff members are one of the truly vital resources that enables the University to meet its mission. The Service Award Program celebrates this fact by recognizing and honoring those who reach a career milestone. From a first anniversary to those with 50 years of service, every contribution is appreciated and celebrated.

Candace J. Johnson Staff Award for Excellence

The University of Michigan Office of the Provost established the Candace J. Johnson Staff Award for Excellence in 2004 as a memorial to an exemplary staff member. The award recognizes staff members who are a positive influence in the workplace with a $500 cash award (made possible by gifts from Candy's friends and colleague).

James T. Neubacher Award

The University of Michigan's Council for Disability Concerns established the James T. Neubacher Award in October 1990 as a memorial to Jim Neubacher, an alumnus of the University who was a columnist for The Detroit Free Press and an advocate for equal rights and opportunities for people with disabilities. The award provides a stipend provided by the Office of the President.

President's Staff Innovation Award

Established in 2011 by the Office of the President in collaboration with Voices of the Staff, the President’s Staff Innovation Award recognizes individual staff members or teams whose big ideas and “outside of the Cube” thinking help make the University a better place. One individual and one team are honored each year and awarded prizes of $2,000 (individual) and $3,000 (team).

UMatter! Staff Recognition Program

The UMatter Staff Recognition Program is a special program that acknowledges the tremendous efforts and contributions staff make to the University of Michigan. UMatter provides individual recognition for outstanding service and actions for more casual day-to-day performance.

Retirement Award Web Site

In response to requests from faculty and staff throughout the University, University Human Resources is pleased to announce the availability of a Retirement Award Web site. This site contains fully licensed and approved commemorative gifts branded with the University of Michigan Seal and/or Block M. This is a simple and elegant solution for providing customized and personalized retirement gifts.