Mental Health Emergency Procedures & Services

The University of Michigan has adopted the following policy of care: The University of Michigan recognizes that some instances of emotional problems on the part of students, staff, or other members may result in behaviors that may be inappropriate or threatening. The University of Michigan seeks through referral or intervention to ensure that appropriate professional care is available for members of the University community who exhibit such behavior. Additionally, the University of Michigan recognizes that some instances of psychiatric emergencies may pose serious threats to the well-being of other University of Michigan community members or represent disruptions of the academic or work process that cannot be permitted.

Within a framework that ensures respect of the legal rights of every person, the University of Michigan desires to provide or arrange appropriate professional services when disturbed or threatening behavior is identified. In such instances, the University of Michigan also desires to ensure the safety of all concerned and the integrity of the educational process.

If you believe someone is an immediate threat or danger to you or others, call the Department of Public Safety (911 or 734-763-1131). If you believe someone may need assistance because of a mental health emergency, you may call the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (734-936-8660) for central campus employees, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for UMHS staff (734-763-5409), or Psychiatric Emergency Service at University Health Systems, which is co-sponsored by Washtenaw County Community Health. To reach Psychiatric Emergency Services call 734-996-4747.

If you think a student is in serious psychological difficulty and consultation is needed, you can call Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at 734-764-8312.