Mail Service

The mission of Mail Service is to provide the University with an efficient and cost effective means of processing campus mail, outgoing U.S. mail, and incoming parcel post delivery.

Mail Service provides two basic services to the University: distribution of campus mail and processing of outgoing mail (via United States Postal Service [USPS], international
re-mail, and United Parcel Service [UPS]).

  • Campus mail is collected from and distributed to more than 170 University and non-University buildings, as well as transfers to Flint and Dearborn campuses. Many buildings are serviced twice or more daily. On average, the total number of stops in a single day are in excess of 250, with approximately 16,500 pieces being sorted and delivered.
  • Outgoing U.S. mail to be metered is collected from all University buildings. Customers receive domestic UPS and international re-mail services in addition to all USPS services such as Express Mail, Priority Mail, Registered Mail, Standard Permit Mail, and Parcel Post.

U.S. Parcel Post is delivered to all University buildings except dorms and married student housing. Messenger service is provided three times per day to pick up mail from North Campus and Central Campus locations for delivery to the Wolverine Tower mail room.

Acting as liaison for the University and the United States Postal Service, Mail Service is a valuable resource in planning for mailing. In-house seminars are offered to customers who seek advice in the complex and ever changing process of preparing mail to receive the best discounts or service available for specific projects. In addition, general seminars are conducted several times a year to update customers on new regulations or supply advice on existing guidelines and rules to get the fastest service at the best rates. Customers can ensure that their mailings meet postal requirements and regulations by phoning for specifications in advance and also by having their final proof approved by Mail Service before going to press. Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certification is available to guarantee that all addresses on your computerized mailing lists are deliverable addresses. Software at Mail Service is updated monthly and is able to supply accurate addresses for any street in the United States.

Information concerning either campus mail service or U.S. mail may be obtained from the Mail Service Office, 1919 Green Road, 48109-2594, (734) 764-9227.