Extended Sick Time

Extended sick time pay provides wage protection for staff members who are unable to work for an extended period of time due to a single incident of serious disabling illness or injury or for chronic disabling serious conditions when periodic absences from work are necessary due to a serious health condition. Extended sick time pay starts with the sixth work day of qualifying illness or injury and is available only when all of the following conditions are met:

  • The staff member has worked for the University for one or more years as a regular staff member as of the sixth workday of illness or injury.

  • The staff member is absent due to a serious and/or chronic disabling illness or injury in excess of 10 consecutive working days - acceptable supporting documentation from a physician has been received by the employing department or Work Connections.

  • Once a staff member meets the 10-day requirement extended sick will then be retroactively reported on the 6th day of absence.

In special circumstances, such as conditions related to pregnancy or where the staff member's physician has attested that the staff member will have on-going, non-contiguous absences due to treatment for a single serious illness or injury, the University may approve the use of extended sick time pay for such non-contiguous absences following the use of 10 PTO days.

Regular staff members with one (1) or more years of continuous service are eligible for extended sick time pay up to a maximum of 10 weeks (400 hours) of full pay plus 16.4 weeks (656 hours) at 2/3 pay plus 26.4 weeks (1,056 hours) at half pay in each two calendar year periods following the attainment of the service requirement. Extended sick time benefits are renewed in full for monthly paid employees on the first of the month following each successive two (2) calendar year periods from eligibility. Extended sick time is renewed for bi-weekly employees at the beginning of the pay period that includes the first of the month noted above.

Time paid under extended sick time will be counted toward the 12 weeks of eligibility under the Family and medical Leave Act (FMLA). Supervisors must notify employees of FMLA usage.