Extended Sick Time

The University extended sick time plan is not affected by PTO with one exception: An employee may not use extended sick time until he/she has been absent due to a single serious illness or injury for ten consecutive working days (80.0 hours). Employees with chronic and/or recurring health conditions or absences due to pregnancy may access extended sick time following 80.0 hours of absence per year due to this condition or pregnancy. These absences need not occur on consecutive days; however, medical documentation satisfactory to the supervisor will be required.

Full-time Benefit

A full-time employee who has at least two (2) full years of continuous service with the University of Michigan and has 80.0 hours of continuous sickness or injury absence will be eligible for not more than 1040.0 hours of extended sick hours, to be paid at employee’s full rate of pay. It is renewable on the first (1st) of the month following the employee’s seventh anniversary and every five years thereafter. Extended sick hours do not renew during a leave of absence or any period of absence due to illness or injury. Eligibility for extended sick hours which would have otherwise renewed is deferred until the employee returns to active employment.

Part-time Benefit

A part-time employee appointed to work eight (8) or more hours per calendar week and who has at least two (2) full years of continuous service shall be eligible for extended sick on a pro-rated basis dependent upon the employee’s appointment hours which shall be directly proportionate to the eligibility requirements of a full time employee. The number of hours of extended sick payable shall be directly proportionate to the maximum hours of extended sick for which a full time employee is eligible.

An employee who is off work in accordance with the provisions of this benefit, returns to active employment, and then returns to extended sick status as a result of the original illness or injury within eighty (80.0) normally scheduled hours will be eligible for extended sick without serving another 80.0 hours of continuous hour period.

The University, at its discretion, may require documentation to verify the disability is the result of the original illness or injury.