Personnel Records

Personnel files are maintained for different purposes in various administrative units throughout the University. Personnel files in Human Resources Records and Information Service (HRRIS) are governed by regulations established by the University, and you may ask to review your personnel file in the presence of a representative from Human Resources.

Personnel files in HRRIS are available to members of the University administration when they are needed in fulfilling University functions. Personnel files or information from the files may be made available to individuals or agencies outside the University if such action legitimately serves the purposes of the University, or with the consent of the staff member. The University, through its administrative officers, will carefully weigh such requests before responding to them.

Requests for information from government agencies or other investigatory bodies resulting from complaints against the University are referred to the Office of the General Counsel. If disclosure of the staff member’s file is required by subpoena, the staff member will be notified. (SPG 201.46)