Disciplinary Action

As a University staff member, you are expected to maintain a standard of performance and conduct that does not interfere with or adversely affect the orderly and efficient operation of the University. This includes any violation of rules and regulations or unsatisfactory work performance that is caused by other than a lack of capacity or ability, and off-duty behavior which adversely affects the employment relationship. When you do not observe this standard, your supervisor may initiate correction through oral warning, issue you a written reprimand, give you disciplinary time off, or discharge you. The severity of the discipline depends upon the nature of your misconduct and your previous discipline record. Disciplinary time off or discharge may result from a single act of serious misconduct or from repeated but less serious acts of misconduct. There is no requirement that discharge be preceded by any other disciplinary action.

In cases where a discharge is contemplated, you will be given an opportunity to respond. The extent of any discipline is based on the facts and your response.

Certain staff may be employed under specific terms of a contract under which they serve at the pleasure of the University. In these cases, the terms of such individual employment agreements will apply. (SPG 201.12)