Breaks & Lunches

Under normal circumstances, full-time employees are entitled to a lunch period in the middle of their shift. Lunch periods are usually one hour long and unpaid. In some departments, a half-hour lunch period is the standard; in some cases, employees are entitled to a 20-minute paid lunch period. Your supervisor will inform you about the policy in your department and instruct you to take your lunch period at a time when your work schedule permits.

In addition to lunch periods, you may take a rest period (break) of fifteen (15) minutes for each four-hour period of work. Rest periods may be taken as time and your work schedule permits, though in some departments they are scheduled. Rest periods should not disrupt the normal flow and efficiency of your department. Your supervisor will try to ensure that you receive appropriate rest periods, but in some cases they must be foregone to accomplish the work schedule. Rest periods are not cumulative; they cannot be used to extend lunch breaks, to cover for late arrivals, or to leave work early. (SPG 201.31, 201.52)