Michigan League, Michigan Union, Pierpont Commons

The Michigan League, a central campus facility, contains fast food restaurants and a sandwich and coffee café that offers salads and made-to-order sandwiches. The League also offers meeting rooms, a gift shop, and houses a twenty-one room hotel known as The Inn at the Michigan League for campus guests. The Underground features a Cyber Lounge and is home to many programming events.

The Michigan Union contains the MUG Eateries and Commons (a variety of fast food establishments and computing stations), as well as a full service restaurant and a coffee house. the Union also offers a Campus Information Center (CIC), meeting and banquet rooms and a retail mall which includes: a computer store, a bookstore, travel agency,ticket outlet, U-M Credit Union, ATMs, and mailing services. The billiards and games room organizes many recreational tournaments, programs and activities.

Pierpont Commons contains a number of eateries and common areas including fast food, a cafeteria, coffee houses, sandwich café and a convenience store. The Commons also houses the North Campus Information Center (NCIC), meeting and conference rooms, a bookstore, a computing site and computing labs, a copy center, ATMs, student service offices, the Department of Public Safety North Campus satellite, and a branch of the U-M Credit Union.