You are provided paid vacation time off from work for rest and personal convenience. Paid vacation can be taken during your probationary period.

Full-time, bi-weekly paid (non-exempt) staff accrue vacation at the following rates:

First five years of service (0-60 months)
8 hours per month.

Five to eight years of service (61-96 months)
12 hours per month.

Over eight years of service (97 months or more)
16 hours per month.

All exempt staff accrue 16 hours per month.

If you are working on a part-time basis (8 hours or more per week), you accrue vacation time on a proportionate basis.

Vacation may be accumulated up to a maximum of twenty-four times the monthly accrual rate. Vacation stops accruing when an employee accumulates the maximum number of paid vacation hours.

Vacation requests are granted at the discretion of units. Units are responsible for scheduling vacations in a manner that promotes the efficient operation of the unit, and allows employees to utilize their annual vacation accrual. Units should attempt to accommodate the needs and preferences of employees. Units that experience "slack" or "down" periods may require that vacations be taken during these times. Likewise, units that experience "peak" periods may limit the use of vacation during these times. When practicable, employees should be informed of these requirements in advance. (SPG 201.64)