Tobacco Treatment Programs

Programs are available either free of charge or for a small fee.

For Employees

Employees (and their spouses or other qualified adults) can choose from a variety of program options including individual, internet-based or telephonic tobacco treatment sessions. A tobacco treatment specialist will assist the employee or spouse/OQA in choosing a program, enrolling and will follow up with the employee during the program duration. Those interested in enrolling in an incentive program can call (734) 998-6222 to talk with a tobacco treatment specialist.

Incentives available to benefits-eligible U-M employees and their spouses or other qualified adults (OQA):

  • Receive up to a $150 incentive for completing a tobacco treatment program coordinated through TCS.
  • Option to obtain a monthly supply of nicotine replacement therapy at an approved UMHS pharmacy for a $0 co-pay.

MHealthy is currently partnering with UM Dearborn Faculty and Staff for a special program. If you work in one of these units, you are eligible to participate in "Tobacco Free You" and earn a chance to win a gift card.


Just follow three steps:

  1. Watch the Ready to Quit video (above), then
  2. Click here to answer a few questions, then
  3. Submit your answers to be entered to win one of ten gift cards.

For more information call 734-764-0285 or

For UMHS patients

TCS offers both inpatient and outpatient tobacco treatment services.


A Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) will provide a brief tobacco treatment intervention for hospitalized patients. Patients can choose to discuss their tobacco use and options to quit using tobacco. Patient tobacco use will be assessed and nicotine replacement therapy offered to help manage tobacco withdrawal symptoms while the patient is hospitalized.


Quit Tobacco Programs: Adults can receive tobacco treatment services to assist them in quitting tobacco use prior to surgery, or anytime they are ready to quit. The six-week program covers preparing to quit, how quitting affects your body, tobacco treatment medications, setting a quit date, how to live free of tobacco and relapse prevention.

Post-ProgramSupport: TCS provides support for adults who have completed a quit tobacco program. Follow-up phone support is offered for 6 months following completion of a TCS program. Support also is available in a group setting for adults who complete a TCS program.

Quit Tobacco Support Group: Adults over age 50 who have quit, or are thinking about quitting tobacco, can attend a quit tobacco support group. Groups meet twice a month at the Turner Senior Resource Center (TSRC), 2401 Plymouth Rd. Suite C, Ann Arbor, MI 48105.

For more information or to sign up, call 734-998-6222 or email

For Students:

TCS provides quit tobacco sessions on behalf of University Health Services (UHS) for students of the University of Michigan. A tobacco treatment specialist maintains regular hours at UHS to work with students enrolled in the tobacco treatment program.