Available to everyone. Search MHealthy’s new recipe finder for delicious, satisfying, quick and easy recipes that will help you and your family eat smarter. More than 300 healthy recipes are available that meet MHealthy’s Nutrition Guidelines, emphasizing whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, lean protein, low fat dairy and healthy fats. Create a user profile to store your favorite recipes, favorite ingredients, food allergies, and more.

Nutrition Consults
Open to U-M Faculty & Staff. Schedule a free MHealthy Nutrition Consult to meet with a Registered Dietitian for 30-45 minutes to discuss goals, barriers, strategies, and other factors related to nutrition and weight management.

Vending, Dining & Catering
Open to everyone. Look for the MHealthy logo to choose food that is simply smarter for your body. The University of Michigan is providing healthier options in its vending machines and on dining and catering menus.

Healthy Cooking Classes
Open to everyone. Renowned culinary experts make meals tastier, healthier and easier than ever. Classes are held September through May at the East Ann Arbor Health and Geriatrics Center.

Eat Smarter Series
Open to U-M Faculty & Staff. Join MHealthy nutrition experts for FREE, 30-minute online healthy eating events geared to help you eat smarter!

Eat Smarter Your Way
Open to U-M Faculty & Staff. Want to eat more fruits and vegetables? This program encourages you to track your weekly intake of fruits, vegetables and solid fat and added sugars (SoFAS).

Ask the Registered Dietitian
Open to everyone. Open to U-M Faculty & Staff only. Do you have questions about how you can start fitting healthier choices into your daily routine? Ask the MHealthy’s Registered Dietitian!

Weight Management
Information about MHealthy's new weight loss program, Ready to Lose, Weight Watchers® and other weight management resources.