New Employee Orientation: Ann Arbor Campus

New Employee Orientation (NEO) takes place the first workday of each week, on Monday morning. It is held on the ground level of WOLVERINE TOWER, SUITE G18. The program begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. and lasts at least until noon. The Wolverine Tower, 3003 South State Street, is located at the southeast corner of South State Street and Eisenhower Parkway. There are entrances to the parking lot from South State Street, Eisenhower Parkway and Boardwalk. The building is clearly signed and visible from the road.

New employees may park in the Wolverine regular parking lot during New Employee Orientation without a permit, although they should avoid the various areas reserved for the handicapped, UM vehicles, etc.

Bus access to the Wolverine Tower is available through Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA). The Tower is the south end of the AATA route #36 loop from Central Campus. AATA regular routes #6 & #7 drop and pick-up commuters on Eisenhower near the building.

Program Agenda

The Orientation program consists of four sections:

  • Introduction to the University and basic policies and procedures
  • Introduction to Staff Benefits
  • Completion of required forms necessary for employment
  • Issuance of the U-M photo ID, also called M-Card

After orientation, new employees will be free to report to work.

What To Bring To New Employee Orientation

As required by federal law, Section #1 of the I-9 form must be completed by the employee on or before the first date of employment and the remainder of the form must be completed by no later than the third day of employment. You must provide acceptable documents to confirm your identity and eligibility to be employed in the United States for the I-9 to be completed. If the I-9 has not been completed by the third day of your employment, your termination will need to be processed.

University Of Michigan ID
The Human Resources/Payroll Service Center provides new employees with their U-M ID the day of Orientation. The M-Card provides many benefits. An information packet is given to employees at the time they are given their card.

Expired ID/M-Cards can be renewed. If the ID/M-Card is lost, there is a charge for replacement. If the ID/M-Card is stolen, it should be reported to the Department of Public Safety at (734) 763-3434. With a stolen report, there is no charge for replacement. The U-M ID office of the Human Resources/Payroll Service Center is located at Wolverine Tower, Room G250. Hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, except Holidays. If you need further information, call (734) 615-2000.