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Ann Arbor on Ann Arbor

There are dozens of community-based websites. Here’s a sampling that you should find helpful.

Ann Arbor, City's home page – Municipality at its best.This site answers many of those practical questions (How do they handle yard waste in Ann Arbor?) as well as links to public transportation, the school system and the library.

Ann Arbor Convention and Visitors Bureau – Yes, a nice place to visit and you’ll want to live here. Take a look at this site to learn more about the culture (food, entertainment, museums, festivals, events) of Ann Arbor.

Arborweb – This is the on-line version of the area’s popular monthly paper, The Ann Arbor Observer. It has a great events calendar, the Ann Arbor City Guide and other visitor information. It’s a wonderful reference for a little “distance learning” about Ann Arbor.

Chamber of Commerce – This site gives an extensive listing of the industries and businesses that call Ann Arbor home. It also has a useful relocation guide.

Electric Current – An online version of Ann Arbor’s Entertainment Monthly.

Huron Valley Community Network – Want to learn more about the communities surrounding Ann Arbor? Here’s a good place to start.

Ann Arbor.com – An on-line local news resource.