Diversity recruitment for staff: process, tools & resources

Diversity matters at Michigan. It is a core value of our distinguished university and a key factor in assuring the excellence, inclusiveness, and welcoming environment that make Michigan a great place to work and learn. This Web site has been created to demonstrate the University of Michigan’s commitment to ensuring diversity in recruiting, selecting and retaining a diverse and highly engaged staff community. The site is based on a six-step process illustrated below. We invite you to acquaint yourself with each step in the process and the wealth of tools and resources provided to guide you in recruiting and retaining valued staff members who will contribute their ideas, experience, and talents to making the Michigan Difference.

This Web site is organized around six key steps, each with helpful resources and toolkits, as follows:

  1. Building Awareness and Knowledge
  2. Developing Your Recruitment Strategy
  3. Investigating Sourcing Options
  4. Creating and Assessing the Diversity of Your Candidate Pool
  5. Screening and Selecting the Right Candidate
  6. Planning for Employee Onboarding and Retention

To get started, choose any of the steps listed above, or select the appropriate icon below.

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