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March 2007 — Volume Six

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eMploy Updates

Did you know…

you will be notified via automated email if your job requisition has campus wide affirmative action goals?  Each time a job is posted, a check by job code number is completed to identify postings with campus goals.  If goals are identified, an email is sent to the members of the hiring team identified on the job requisition.  This can help determine what type of outreach might be needed to help build a diverse candidate pool.
You may have noticed that these emails stopped for a short period of time, but that issue has been resolved and you should now be receiving them every Monday on a weekly basis.

System Update loaded 3/16/07

This patch fixed the following issues based on feedback from system users.

  • Admin Department number will now remain populated on the job offer page when approvers are added or deleted.
  • The My Candidates and Interest List on the Home Page will now sort by candidate last name.

eMploy Training offered through MAIS

HRE110:  Online training for all security roles in eMploy.  It offers detailed training for completing all the basic tasks associated with the Recruit, Select and Hire process, like posting and sourcing a job requisition or creating an offer.

HRC202:   Instructor led advanced course for the Unit HR security role and higher.  This security role requires HR approval of the M1 access form, before registering for the class.  Not sure if this training is for you? –     ask your HR contact for details.

Enroll in either class at

eMploy – Helpful Hints

New Hires and Background Checks

With the implementation of eMploy, the University has also initiated a more robust and thorough background check process for all selected candidates.  Depending on the position being filled and the requirements of that position, the background check could include several levels. (1) All selected candidates are checked for current employment eligibility status when the Restricted Records table on Mpathways is reviewed for any hiring restrictions.  (2) Current and previous employment records are also reviewed via the Image Now system. (3) For new hires, a State of Michigan criminal background check is completed via the Michigan State Police (Internet Criminal History Access Tool) in addition to the fee for service background check initiated through the eMploy system, and administered by vendor, HireRight, Inc.   Note:  The Mpathways restricted table and Image Now are accessible by staff with Unit HR security in eMploy.  The ICHAT and HireRight checks can only be initiated by the EPC.

The following packages are available through HireRight.  Your HR EPC will determine which package to order based on your posting information:

Basic Standard:

Social Security Number Trace, Electronic Signature for Consent, Sex Offender Registry and a Criminal Felony and Misdemeanor check based on the last seven counties of residence, where credit was established, within the last seven years.

Basic Standard plus Education: 

(Funded for Health System only)

Basic Standard Package, plus education verification (highest degree completed) 
Report is run only if the posting meets the follow criteria:  The posted position is Exempt AND a degree is REQUIRED for the position OR the amount of salary offered to the candidate is determined by the level and/or relevance of the degree attained.  Reference the  Education Check Guidelines full details.  International Degrees can not be verified at this time.

Basic plus Professional Licensure:

Basic Standard Package plus professional license or certification verification.  NOTE:  Report is run only if the posted position requires the selected candidate be licensed or certified by the State of Michigan.

NRC Basic and Advanced:

This background check is required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for all persons working with radioactive materials. 

Because of the associated fees, HireRight background checks are completed after the contingent offer has been accepted by the selected external candidate.  An email is sent to the candidate requesting completion of an online consent form through the HireRight secure website.  When consent is received, the Basic Standard package takes an average of 2.4 days to complete.  The education verification and the NRC packages take somewhat longer due to the nature of the information being gathered.

Upon successful completion, the candidate receives a Welcome Letter that includes information about new employee orientation and the steps they need to complete for the new employee Onboarding process, prior to orientation.   New employees are now asked to create a uniqname and kerberos (or Umich) password and verify their personal information through an automated program prior to orientation.  This can take anywhere from 2-3 days depending on the individual.  All this is something to consider when setting the start date for your new employee at the time of offer.  You typically need to build in at least 7 calendar days for this process before the new employee arrives at orientation. To help keep things moving, you can remind your new hire that the balance of the hire process is handled via email and they should look for and respond to any emails on a daily basis. Also verify that the email address that they provided at time of registration is still valid and that any spam filters being used will not block receipt of the emails.  Sometimes this can cause the emails to end up in a junk mail or spam folder.

**See the attached timeline for the end to end new hire Onboarding process**

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Employment Process Coordinators:

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