LinkedIn Learning FAQs

Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you navigate LinkedIn Learning. If you have any additional questions, please contact our LinkedIn Learning feedback team.

Who is eligible to use LinkedIn Learning?
LinkedIn Learning is available for free to all current benefits-eligible active faculty and staff at the University of Michigan.
Will I have access to the same content in LinkedIn Learning as I did with
Yes. LinkedIn acquired and you will have access to content that was previously available through
Will I lose all of the information in my current account when the University of Michigan upgrades to LinkedIn Learning?
No. Your entire history will be migrated to your LinkedIn Learning account.
What is the benefit of connecting my LinkedIn profile to my LinkedIn Learning account?
Connecting your profile will allow for a more personalized learning experience that includes special course recommendations based on your job title, skills, and industry listed on your LinkedIn profile.
What information will be shared with my employer if I connect my personal LinkedIn profile to my LinkedIn Learning account?
Learning activity such as courses viewed or completed, profile information like your name, work title, and profile photo and any courses from your personal account that you’ve transferred to your group account. We will not have access to your connections, private messages, any job search activity such as job posts you’ve viewed and any learning courses you’ve viewed in your personal account.
Do I need a LinkedIn account to use LinkedIn Learning?
It is optional if you would like to create a LinkedIn account. Creating a LinkedIn profile provides you with a more personalized Learning experience, because it recommends courses based on what other professionals like you are watching. LinkedIn members also have the ability to control what others can view from their profile, via the Settings & Privacy page.
How do I login into LinkedIn Learning on my mobile device?
If you are using your phone through the LinkedIn Learning App use the steps below:
  1. Download the free LinkedIn Learning App
  2. Sign in with your organization portal
  3. Type “”
  4. Follow the steps to login with your level 1 information
  5. Go to your duo app to allow access. Once you allow, go back to the LinkedIn Learning App
  6. Link your LinkedIn profile if you would like (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS)
  7. Answer a few prompts about yourself so that LinkedIn Learning can customize what you see! You can skip any of these.
  8. Start Learning!
Can I add my LinkedIn Learning Certificates of Completion to my LinkedIn Learning profile?
Yes. You can add your certificates of completion to the certificate section of you LinkedIn profile to showcase your new skills.