Videos of Benefits Highlights

View two-minute videos for an overview of these benefits plans:

Health Plans

To help you better understand your U-M health plan choices, view a two-minute video: A Quick Guide to Your U-M Health Plan Options. 

Note: This video is intended for faculty, staff and retirees who are eligible for the university's health plans. The new Michigan Care health plan is covered under a separate video. If you are a benefits-eligible graduate student, including Graduate Student Instructor (GSI), Graduate Student Staff Assistant (GSSA), Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSRA), benefit-eligible fellowship holder, or medical school student, please visit GradCare to learn about your university health plan option.

Visit Health Plans for plan details.

Michigan Care - New for 2021!

Michigan Care is a new health plan available to employees and retirees who live in a specific geographic area within Southeast Michigan. Find out now if your zip code is included in the coverage area.

View a brief video for Michigan Care highlights (2:25).

Two hands holding a heart with a block M Michigan Care text.

Dental Plan

View this video to learn about the three dental plan options and decide which is best for you and your dependents. Visit Dental Plan for details.

Flexible Spending Accounts

The university offers two types of Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs):

  • The Health Care FSA is used to pay for most out-of-pocket medical, vision, and dental care expenses for you and your eligible dependents (e.g. office visit or prescription copays, dental expenses, vision care expenses).
  • The Dependent Care FSA is for eligible day care expenses for a dependent child age under the age of 13, or elder care for a dependent adult, while you and your spouse work (or if your spouse is a full-time student or disabled).

You can enroll in one type of FSA or both. Unlike your other benefits, enrollment in an FSA does not carry over from one year to the next. IRS regulations do not allow FSA enrollments to cross calendar years. If you want to participate in an FSA for 2021, you will need to re-enroll.

Watch this video to learn more about Health Care FSAs and how they work. Please note that the Health Care FSA annual limit for 2021 is $2,750. View Flexible Spending Accounts for details.