Voices Annual Report Highlights Input and Engagement of Staff

The team recipients of the 2018 President's Staff Innovation Award celebrate by the cube.

As the university began its third century, Voices of the Staff renewed its commitment to give all staff members the opportunity to be heard. Highlights of the year are featured in Voices’ most recent Annual Report.

To begin the year, Voices surveyed 14,000 staff members, asking what workplace issues were of greatest importance. We analyzed 1,455 responses, and we engaged 120 staff participants at the Voices Town Hall in January 2018. Information from the attendees combined with data from the survey shaped the proposal of six topics for new Voices Network Teams.

The result is a program attuned to current interests of our staff. Through action, input, dialog, and results. Voices continues to strive for a more perfect workplace with the ultimate goal of supporting our missions of discovery, education, and care.

Key examples of how Voices of the Staff teams make an impact include:

  • Supported two major university-wide awards, celebrating  well over 100 staff members for their good work.

  • Coordinated speaker series featuring university professors and staff leaders who discuss how to embrace change, build resilience, and strengthen our capacity to adapt and grow.

  • Completed a university-wide supervisor survey focused on flexible work options.

  • The Voices Career Development Fund awarded five staff members $1,000 grants to help with conference, workshops, and certification.

  • Created the 101 Ways to Celebrate People Card Deck and sent thousands to managers across campus.

Join Voices and make a positive impact in the workplace

If you are a staff with an interest to improve our workplace, you are encouraged to apply to Voices of the Staff during its annual recruitment period, which takes place in the month of March. Learn more about Voices of the Staff and watch for more details to apply beginning March 1, 2019.

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