Three Tips About Temporary Staffing

The hiring process can be daunting , and not just for job seekers. It can be a real challenge for departments and hiring supervisors too. Temporary Staffing Services has a few tips to help make things easier for everyone.

1. For Seekers - Get Your Foot in the Door Fast

One of the best ways into a new regular, full-time position is starting as a temp. And the application and hiring process can be very quick, especially for high-demand positions. And, if you impress in your temp role, you may receive a offer to stay. In fact, 30% of regular hires come from temp positions.

2. For Supervisors - Know Your Job Applicants

Did you know, Temporary Staffing Services can help you learn how well applicants for your regular positions can perform specific skills - from general office aptitude tests, to custom challenges that meet your needs. We can find the right person, with the right skill set, for you.

3. For Departments - Save More Money  

Compare the costs between TSS and an outside vendor and you will very often see thousands of dollars in savings - and this is true, even with a $20 rate change this year.

“This is our first rate increase in six years. We needed to bump our monthly rate up to $95 to cover our operating expenses as a self-funded unit. Even still, we can save you a lot of money, time, and headaches,” says Jennifer Symanns, manager of U-M Temporary Staffing.

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