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The Values Challenge is designed to help faculty, staff and units learn about and engage with the university values by completing at least five activities by June 28, 2024. Some of the activities are as simple as taking a walk on campus and noticing the values on Culture Journey signs and light pole banners or viewing a video. Participating in team or individual activities can add up quickly and earn free swag for the participant.

One of the activities in the challenge is to listen to one or more episodes of the Culture Journey: Engaging Our Community podcast. The podcast provides an opportunity to learn how the university values are being put into action. New episodes are released twice per month during the academic year and once per month during the summer. Recent episodes feature:

  • The Purple Initiative, Michigan Medicine values, allyship and solidarity in the workplace with Becky Morgan and Steve Vinson
  • Earl Lewis, director of the Center for Social Solutions and Thomas C. Holt Distinguished University professor of history speaking about values-driven leadership and navigating the challenges of effecting high level change
  • Celia Alcumbrack on the School of Dentistry "You Belong" campaign
  • Laurie McCauley, provost and executive vice president for Academic Affairs
  • A conversation about responding to patient hair care requests with Megan Johnson, clinical nurse specialist, University Hospital, adjunct clinical instructor, School of Nursing and Steve Vinson, DEI program manager, Ambulatory Care, Michigan Medicine
  • Barbara McQuade, professor from practice at the U-M Law School, author and legal analyst

Engaging with the values can be an easy part of your day-to-day. Teams can start small with a five minute discussion during a staff meeting or a hallway conversation. The Culture Journey Values Toolkit includes a range of tools and resources for individuals and units to support, promote and learn about the values:

  • Information and tools for leaders and individuals to promote and recognize desired values behaviors
  • Zoom backgrounds, word search, posters and digital templates to promote the values
  • Form for departments to purchase values swag for their areas
  • Educational opportunities

The university values guide our choices and actions and should be reflected in how:

  • People are hired and promoted
  • Decisions are made
  • Education is delivered and research is conducted
  • Members of the U-M community treat one another

The Culture Journey website contains more information about the initiative, including more opportunities for faculty and staff engagement.

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