Learn About Innovative Women Throughout History

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Many women have positively influenced our society, yet few of us are aware of their contributions. Women’s history is not well-documented. So, March is the month we honor female history-makers. 

Intelligent and innovative women have always been present throughout history. Women such as Margaret Hamilton, the first female engineer for NASA, Ida Tarbell, a pioneer in investigative reporting, and Madam C.J. Walker, the first female, self-made millionaire in America. 

Watch Women's History Month videos from Organizational Learning. Celebrate the accomplishments of women and get a more accurate picture of U.S. history.

About the Heritage Month Video Series 

A set of videos created by diversity trainer Dr. Steve Robbins are available for viewing. They can be watched alone or with groups to promote discussion and understanding. View all of the heritage month videos and sign up to receive future videos. Help create a climate that welcomes differences among people.

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