Important Dates for 2023 Retirements and Separations

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Planning to exit U-M by the end of the year? Following is the university’s official payroll calendar for campus employees:

  • Dec. 22 – last day of work

  • Dec. 25 – holiday 

  • Dec. 26-29 – season days

  • Jan. 1 – holiday 

Those Who Are Retiring

Campus faculty and staff who are planning to retire at year-end will have their last day of work on Dec.  22, 2023. They will retire on Dec. 31, 2023, which will also be their last day of pay. Jan. 1, 2024 will be their first day as an official university retiree. Retiring employees eligible for paid holidays and season days will receive the Christmas Day and New Year's Day holidays, and four season days.

Retiring employees do not need to report holiday time to receive pay for the New Year's holiday, as the Payroll team will add it to the December paycheck.  

Those Who Are Separating

Individuals who are separating from U-M (not retiring) are different. To be paid for the Dec. 25 holiday, season days, and the Jan. 1 holiday (if eligible):

  • They must work the last regularly scheduled workday before the Dec. 25 holiday (i.e. Dec. 22).

  • They also must work the first regularly scheduled workday following the Jan. 1 holiday (i.e. Jan. 2).

For More Info...

If you have questions about your situation, consult your unit Human Resources representative.

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