Email-based Well-being Tracking Is Underway

Mini Vacations icons for connection, calm, movement, and nutrition.

Believe it or not, the simple act of keeping track of healthy behaviors can be really helpful. It’s true. Keeping track of things like eating well, staying socially connected with people, and being active can help encourage you to do even more of these behaviors. One popular option to help you keep track is MHealthy Mini-Vacations. It is a fun program that was piloted by more than 1,000 U-M colleagues. It is now available to everyone. 

Here’s How it Works

This tracking game encourages you to do simple, healthy behaviors during your work breaks in one of four categories (Connect, Calm, Move, and Nourish). Each week, for eight weeks, you'll receive a health education email to help motivate you to take a moment (a “Mini-Vacation) for some self-care. The goal is to help prompt you to take a personal pause a couple of times every day.  

Get Started Now

It's easy, fun, and can help you reduce stress and increase positive behaviors that simply help you feel better. To get started, fill out this form by this Sunday to start Monday, July 6.  A new group starts each Monday through July 27, so sign up anytime before July 26 to take part. 

For more motivation, follow MHealthy on the Workplace Working at U-M group, or on the MHealthy Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.

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