Being Kind and Grateful Improves Your Well-being

Improved mood, stronger trust among co-workers, and enhanced creativity are a few of the benefits suggested in MHealthy’s “Be Kind. Be Well.” campaign. The communications were unveiled at the September 28, “Be Well in the Big House” event, and continues through October.

“Research supports that engaging in kindness and gratitude practices can have a remarkable positive impact on you as an individual as well as for entire workplaces,” says Kelcey Stratton, Ph.D., Program Manager for Resiliency and Well-Being Services in the Office of Counseling and Workplace Resilience. “We are talking about simple things, like making eye contact and smiling, acknowledging one another by name if possible, and taking a moment or two to be appreciative of others.”

Resources to help faculty and staff  incorporate gratitude into their day-to-day work are available on the MHealthy site. This includes a downloadable kindness pledge and gratitude cards.

“The pledge and gratitude cards can serve as a cue to help you build a habit of being kind and grateful to those in your life,” adds Stratton. “You might just be surprised at how good it makes you feel.”

Additionally, information and instructions on other gratitude-related activities are available, as well as a listing of supporting research publications.

Learn more about Be Kind. Be Well.

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