Anti-Racism Primer Provides Intro to a Lifelong Commitment

A light-skinned hand and dark-skinned hand holding each other and raised up in unison

The Anti-Racism Primer provides a starting point for a lifelong commitment to learning.

Participants have this to say:

"The cohort changed my life. It changed how I think about myself, my world and how I look at things on a daily basis. It opened my eyes to so much and has made a huge difference for me." 

“The Anti-Racism Primer was one of the best trainings I have done at U-M.”

Choose to go at your own pace or receive weekly learning activities.  

Option 1: Quick Start Self-Guided Course

If you want to go at your own pace, download the quick-start guide. It includes four sections that each have links to resources to help you on your journey. 

Option 2: Email Subscription

Receive a weekly email with recommended learning activities. In addition, you will receive: 

  • Guided reflections and journal cues 
  • Action items
  • Call to action for leaders 
  • Quick tips for how teams can engage with the topics
  • Peer supported social media space specifically designated for connection and conversation around the weekly topics
  • AUA (Ask Us Anything) themed questions answered regularly by experts

This content is available at no cost to U-M faculty and staff. 

Learn more and get started.