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Career Development Team

2014 Team Roster (PDF)

Career Development Passport - Launched 2013

Aiming to empower U-M staff to take more responsibility for their individual and collective career development aspirations, the following organizations are partnering to launch a 12-month pilot initiative with the goal of enhancing each employee-participant’s knowledge of career navigation strategies:

  • Voices of the Staff Career Development Network Group
  • University Human Resources
  • Health System Human Resources
  • The Center for the Education of Women (CEW)
  • The Women of Color Task Force (WCTF)

As many as 900 employees from the Ann Arbor and Medical campuses will be able to participate and each will receive a “Passport” to document their career/professional development journeys.  The pilot seeks to:

  • Provide career navigation and development presentations across a variety of professions;
  • Offer opportunities for career networking, coaching and mentoring;
  • Provide access to career development tools, including information to leverage the resources available through the Career Development Resources website; and
  • Increase communication about career advancement and professional development at the University of Michigan.

Passport events will take place at varied locations across the university. Updates will be made to the Voices of the Staff website as progress is made with development and implementation of this pilot program.

NOTE:  Participation not extended to the Regional campuses at this time. 

Departments and units interested in receiving additional information about the pilot should contact the Career Development Passport Pilot planning team at



September 30, 2013

We have passed the mid-point of the 12-month Career Development Passport Pilot (CDPP).  Since April 2013, CDPP participants have continued to take advantage of the various activities already scheduled, as well as invested separately in those activities that they have identified on their own.  Planning is currently underway for a CDPP Celebration - the end of the 12-month Pilot - that will take place in February, 2014.  To assess the level of success of this 12-month experiment, an evaluation will be conducted soon after the end-date.  Stay tuned for future updates, but in the meantime, you are encouraged to  visit the CDPP web page for additional information: .



Leadership Competencies and Resource GuideGuidance and Resources to Help You Actively Manage Your Career

As a staff member, you contribute to the world-class status of the University of Michigan. By excelling in your position, you provide support to the university’s mission and partner in its success. This brochure has been developed by the VOICES Career Development team to provide a handy reference guide to resources and tips to help you get the U-M career you want..

Click here
to download a PDF file of the guide.





The Voices of the Staff network team for Career Development explores resources and opportunities that support the career development aspirations of U-M staff.  By focusing on building satisfying careers that contribute to U-M’s research, teaching, service, and patient care missions, the team aims to foster engagement and retention university wide.


  • Generate ideas and foster systems to promote career development at U-M.
  • Consider ways to help employees to build skills and advance their careers through discernable career paths.


  • Received funding to provide comprehensive career services for all UM staff. An initial investment of $85,000 has been approved by EVP/CFO Tim Slottow, with continuing funding to support the program. A core advisory team has formed and is in collaboration with HRD and Michigan Marketing and Design, to work on the first stage developments for the program.
  • Focus on learning addressing the issues around career development has enabled the team to become more aware and educated on building skills to develop a depth of knowledge of career and professional development.
  • Team has expanded their skills and knowledge by taking advantage of professional development opportunities such as the workshops like the Basics of Survey Design, Facilitating Successful Focus Groups, Women of Color Task Force Conference and Intentional Systems Change.
  • Conducted a benchmarking study of career development practices provided by other institutions.

View the Career Development Team's poster presentation from the 2010 Annual Meeting.

Click here to download a PDF file of the Developing Your U-M Career resource guide.

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Groups that have sought Team input or provided data

  • Career Family Navigator
    Contact: Dick Lederer, Compensation Manager, Staff HR Services
    • Outcome: Suggestions provided for the development of the Career Family Navigator website to make it more useful to staff for career planning purposes.
  • eMploy (job website)
    : Jan Mulcrone, Director of HR Services, UMHS Human Resources
    • Outcome: Feedback given for improvements to the functionality of the employment website.
  • Integrative Portfolio Staff Pilot
    Contact: Karen Dickinson, former co-facilitator of Faculty/Staff Communication Team
    • Outcome: Karen Dickinson asked for volunteers from the team to engage in piloting the Integrative e-Portfolio Staff Initiative. The portfolio process seeks to engage staff with peers to talk about strengths and transfer/maintain knowledge through stories, and sharing of skills and experiences.
  • FIGS (Fostering Innovations Grants) Grant
    Contact: Kelly, member of Program Management team, and advisor of the Rewards and Recognition Team
    • Outcome: Kelly discussed with the team a grant that was awarded to address needs of the Health System related to career development and retention.
  • UM Career Services Web Site
    Contact: Dave Reid, Director of HR Communications
    • Outcome: Provided input for improvements to the Career Services for Staff website.
  • Nursing Administration
    Contact: Marietta Von Buhler, Program Manager, Nursing Administration
    • Outcome: Benchmarked about recently developed Integrative Systems + Design Division (ISD) and Mentoring for Nurses

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Work in Progress

  • Researched career development resources at the University as well as other institutions and organization to aid in career web site benchmarking.
  • Advising the Career Service for Staff core advisory committee on the future priorities for developing the newly funded Career Services website and program.
  • Ongoing discussions of hot topics, such as:
    • Development of a communication plan on educating supervisors and managers about career development resources and practices
    • Employee promotions and the tuition support program
    • Reinstating the career development SPG
  • Exploring career services currently offered by CEW


Here are some career related web links that our team has found useful

Career Services for Staff
Being revised in 2008, our team produced the business case that sparked the retrofitting of this HR site. Watch this space for upcoming changes!

Center for the Education of Women
Career support workshops and counseling (not just for women!).

HRD (Human Resource Development)
Offers a Personal Career Assessment Class and other professional development programs for UM Staff.

Organizational Competencies
Definitions of behaviors that the university views as universally necessary for effective performance.

Nursing Career Development
Comprehensive career site for nurses.

Plant Academy
Professional development for jobs in the University’s physical plant and building trades.

Careers website for the UM Health System.

U-M Student Affairs Career Center
Services for students and alumni.

Washtenaw County Michigan Works!
Local branch of the state employment office.

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Network Team Members

2014 Rosters will be updated in July. For the current list, see the 2014 Team Roster (PDF).

Career Development Team Photo

Team Members


Adwere-Boamah, Robert

Nursing Clerical Services

Aganesova, Yelena

Ross School of Business

Alcala, Chris

Radiation Oncology

Boblitt, Catherine

Radiation Oncology

Campbell, Ron

Plant Operations

Eddins, Adina

Post Anes Care Unit

Fraley, Jamie

Environmental Svcs

Janevski, Susan

Central Staffing Resource

Kraft, Rachel

College of Engineering

Kress, Matthew

HS Public Relations and Marketing

Lund, Julie

UMHS Revenue Cycle

MacDonald, Jennifer

Resp/Cardiov Services

Massey, Richard

Plant Building Services

McGraw, Marla

Ross School

Nash, Cecelia

Office of the President

Peters, Dianne

Specialty Pharmacy Svcs

Ranta, Jennifer

UMH Brighton Health Center

Schimelfening, Sarah

Nursing – Cardiology/Med

Soboleski, Beth

Ford School

Thatcher, Amanda


Valentine, Lana

College of Engineering

VanBuhler, Pauleen

UMH Canton Health Center



Team Members Department
Veretta Nix Health System HR
Deborah Orlowski UHR HR Development



Team Members Department

Kerianne Tupac

School of Music, Theatre & Dance

Jean Tennyson

UHR Recruiting & Employment


2014 Team Roster (PDF)

Contact the Career Development Team

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