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Kids Kare at Home

What It Is

Kids Kare at Home is a safe and secure emergency back-up option for those times when childcare falls through. Any regular faculty or staff member who is affiliated with the Ann Arbor, Flint, or Dearborn campuses may use the program if they have at least a half-time appointment. Full- or half-time students (graduate and undergraduate) on the Ann Arbor campus are also eligible to register for Kids Kare.

The U-M Work/Life Resource Center contracts with a home health care agency to provide this service. The caregivers are carefully screened and have received training in childhood illnesses, child development, and CPR. The agency is bonded, and all caregivers have had state and FBI criminal background checks.

The Kids Kare fees are subsidized by the University and are charged on a sliding scale when you use the program. For information about fees, billing, and usage, see the Kids Kare website or call the Kids Kare office.

Why You Should Know About It

For example, if a child is sick and must stay home from daycare, but the parent needs to go to work, a Kids Kare caregiver can be called to provide back-up care. Or if your children's regular caregiver isn’t available on a given day, Kids Kare at Home can fill in.

Don't Miss

To use Kids Kare at Home, faculty, staff, and students must first be registered for the program. The best way to register is online during the Benefits Open Enrollment period in October of each year. If you miss signing up at that time, you may also register by calling the Kids Kare office.

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Contact Info

Kids Kare at Home
Work/Life Resource Center
2072 Administrative Services Bldg.
1009 Greene Street
(734) 936-8677


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