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North Campus Children’s Center

What It Is

Colorful artwork and imaginative children’s creations adorn nearly every inch of wall space at the new North Campus Children’s Center (NCCC). Relocating to the North Campus Research Complex in July 2011, NCCC is part of the university’s Child Care and Education program. The center has consolidated U-M’s long standing Northwood Child Development Center and U-M Children’s Center in a colorful, modern, child-centric facility.

NCCC was developed as a result of President Mary Sue Coleman’s Child Care Initiative, which began in 2005 and concluded this year. The goals of the initiative were to improve U-M child care facilities and increase child care capacity for infants and toddlers. These enhancements are reflected in the new facility, which provides full-time, part-time and part-day care two, three or five days a week for children from three months to five years old. “Something NCCC offers that other U-M child care centers do not is a part-day program,” explains Linda Coon, director of the North Campus Children’s Center. Part-day programming allows children to solely attend the center in the morning or afternoon.

A Parent Involvement Committee assisted with the transition of two centers into one and played a key role in implementing programs, services and events that will meet the needs of the center’s children and families. The committee continues to assist the center with its future goals, fundraising, event planning and serving as a sounding board.

Why You Should Know About It

Experienced and highly trained teachers and administrative staff nurture and provide care to the center’s infants, toddlers and preschoolers; assisting with purposeful play, a creative curriculum, exploration and self discovery. Many of the center’s teachers are familiar faces in U-M early child care, as they have previously worked at other U-M child care centers.

The center provides faculty and staff who work on Central and North campus or the Health System campuses an easy-to-reach location with extended hours that start as early as 6:30 AM and end as late as 7:30 PM. In addition to serving members of the university community, NCCC is also open to non-university-affiliated families.

Ensuring that the children are in a safe and secure environment is a top priority. Parents use keycards to gain access to the building for pick up and drop off throughout the day.

The center regularly keeps parents in the know through email and web communication. Each classroom has a program that provides families with information pertaining to activities scheduled for the upcoming week, a recap of activities done during the week, as well as a monthly calendar of planned events.

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Activities scheduled throughout the year, such as a Fall Gathering and Scholastic Book Fair, build a sense of community among families and children, teachers and administrative staff.

For more information about North Campus Children’s Center, visit http://hr.umich.edu/childcare/northcampus

NCCC photo

The new North Campus Child Care Center opened in July 2011, combining two U-M child care facilities, to provide care to infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

NCCC photo

In addition to its convenient location, the center’s spacious classrooms, each with large windows allowing for a scenic view of the surrounding landscape and two age-specific playgrounds, contribute to the new facility’s environment.

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