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Erica Beck photo

Erica Beck (left) became a fan of U-M Child Care & Education after enrolling her older daughter at the former Northwood Child Development Center in 2008. Younger daughter, Anja, is now enrolled at North Campus Children’s Center.

A Richly Experienced “New” Addition to U-M Child Care

By Danielle Clair, HR Communications intern.

At just seven months old, Reed McCammon’s parents Ryan McCammon and Kara Zivin instantly see the infant come into his element as soon as they drop him off each morning at U-M’s new North Campus Children’s Center (NCCC). Reed’s parents value the unique experiences the infant is exposed to at NCCC and the engaged and compassionate teaching staff, some with nearly 30 years of experience with early childhood education.  "If you walk by the infant room, the teachers are on the floor, because that’s where the children are,” says McCammon.

The center, which opened in July 2011, combines U-M’s long-standing Northwood Child Development Center and the U-M Children’s Center in a state-of-the-art facility to provide care to infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

An increase in infant care is a well received expansion to U-M early childhood care capacity that was introduced as part of President Mary Sue Coleman’s U-M Child Care Initiative. “The expansion of infant care has been a huge help to parents and families,” says Director of the North Campus Children’s Center Linda Coon.

When it was time to find daycare for Reed, his family enrolled him at NCCC based on previous positive experiences with an older son at U-M’s Towsley Children’s House. 

Erica Beck has also become a fan of U-M Child Care & Education since enrolling her oldest daughter at Northwood Child Development Center in August 2008, after relocating to Michigan to begin a doctoral program in linguistics at the university. “Everyone that we knew that had children in child care were in U-M centers and spoke very highly of them,” says Beck.

Ryan McCammon photo

North Campus Children’s Center parent Ryan McCammon with son Reed.

Beck’s youngest daughter, Anja Beck is now enrolled at NCCC. One of the various reasons Anja enjoys attending NCCC is because many of the children from her U-M Family Housing neighborhood attend as well. “It’s been really nice because a lot of the kids that come [to the center] also live in our neighborhood, so she’s able to make friends in both places,” says Beck.

NCCC’s location has made the center conveniently accessible. “This is extremely convenient for families living in the North Campus area in university housing, or other housing,” says McCammon. Reed and his family live less than 10 minutes away from NCCC. His mother works at North Campus Research Complex and can see the center from her office window. “It’s nice to know that he’s [near] and I can visit at anytime,” she says. 

Beck, who lives less than one mile from the center, enjoys walking to pick up Anja when weather permits. During Michigan’s winter months, she’s looking forward to avoiding icy roads and leaving her car at home since the center is along the U-M bus route.

In addition to its convenient location, the center’s spacious classrooms, each with large windows allowing for a scenic view of the surrounding landscape and three age-specific playgrounds, contribute to the new facility’s environment.

While NCCC has received much acclaim since opening in August, both Beck and McCammon agree that the teaching staff is what makes the center and all of U-M’s child care facilities exceptional. “The building isn’t the most important thing. The people are what matter….the staff here are committed to the children,” says McCammon.