Strengthen leadership capability throughout the university to promote high levels of performance and productivity and sustain excellence.


Leadership Development
Develop leadership on all campuses using the U-M organizational competencies as a framework.

  • Support strength and capability at the senior management and executive level.
  • Integrate U-M core competencies at multiple levels within the workforce to increase performance and productivity.

Performance Management
Implement a university-wide performance management system using technology that allows flexibility at the local departmental level. Identify both high performers and areas for development, including professional and career development training using performance metrics.

Promote greater leadership capability in the areas of greatest strategic need and support individual career growth to enhance our workplace environment.

Workforce Planning
Collaborate with our unit partners to provide leadership in developing effective solutions for  workforce planning.  Provide leaders with different workforce scenarios and models using data gathering, analysis and forecasting tools that enable multi-year recruitment and selection plans, succession planning, leadership development and retention and performance management strategies.