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Retention Toolkit:  Resources for Retaining Valued Staff

30 minutes to complete iconSTEP 2

Identify staff who may represent a retention risk.

Once you’ve identified the retention issues, you need to identify the staff members most likely to leave. To help identify and assess retention risk factors and focus your retention efforts on your most valued staff members, your toolkit includes a Retention Risk Matrix Chart designed to help you gauge individual staff member’s level of risk, based on factors such as performance, job knowledge, leadership skills, professional options, and competence. The Retention Risk Matrix Chart is a simple way to evaluate the level of risk and then focus your retention efforts on those staff members whose risk is highest.

For best results, complete the Retention Risk Matrix on a semiannual or annual basis. Consider incorporating it into your existing performance review or career development discussion cycles.

Complete the Retention Risk Matrix

The charts below open in a new window as Microsoft Word documents.

Follow these easy steps to complete either of the two charts below:

  1. Prepare a list of your staff.

  2. Plot your staff into the “Retention Risk Matrix” boxes using the definitions below the chart.

  3. List those staff in Box 4. These represent the greatest retention risk. The staff members in Boxes 2 and 3 may also represent a retention risk, but not as great. They should be noted.

  4. Print and save your completed Retention Risk Matrix for future reference.

The charts below are functionally identical. Select and complete either matrix to identify staff members who may pose a retention risk.

Instructions for Completing the Retention Risk Matrix

Retention Risk Matrix

Retention Risk Matrix 2

(These links open as Microsoft Word documents. Be sure to print and save for future reference.)

Step 3Once you have completed the Retention Risk Matrix, move to the next step — scheduling the retention interview(s) (allow 30-45 minutes per interview) with staff noted in Box 4 and possibly Boxes 2 and 3.