University of Michigan
Retention Toolkit:  Resources for Retaining Valued Staff

Estimated Time to Complete:  30 MinutesSTEP 4

Develop an action plan for job satisfaction and growth.

Following your retention interview conversation(s), you should develop an action plan that you and the staff member agree to together. Schedule an action plan meeting with the employee and continue to monitor the plan to assure that it is implemented and the staff member’s career development concerns continue to be addressed.

Recommended actions that may be articulated in the plan might include:

  • Enhance or stretch in current role

  • Broaden or augment professional expertise

  • Explore promotional and/or developmental opportunities

  • Develop or mentor others

  • Provide formal or informal feedback

  • Enhance work/life balance

Job Satisfaction and Growth Plan
(Opens as a Microsoft Word document. Be sure to print and save for future reference.)

"The best leaders understand the need for continuous learning to help staff keep pace with a rapidly changing work environment; and they support learning that improves performance in the current job and builds human potential for the next challenge."

University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman
and Associate Vice President for Human Resources Laurita Thomas

(Source: "How the University Supports Development," from the Human Resource Development Web Site)

Recommended Resources

Careers at the U—This web site provides information, tools, and resources to aid internal and external candidates in searching for jobs at the University of Michigan.

Career Services for Staff—The Career Services for Staff web site provides a wealth of tools and resources for career self-assessment, planning, and job searching.

Career Path Navigator—Designed to assist employees with their career planning, this site shows employees how their current  position relates to other market titles in the Career Family Classification System and how to review and compare positions and careers.

Center for the Education of Women (CEW)—CEW provides counseling and educational programs to women and men regarding academic, career and life issues.

Diversity Network for Health Systems EmployeesThe UMHS Diversity Network provides a forum for sharing information, ideas, providing input to leadership, and communicating and sharing organization-wide diversity initiatives.

Diversity Resources for Staff—The Diversity Matters web site provides links to a wide variety of diversity resources for U-M employees.

Performance Management Best PracticesThe Performance Management Best Practices web site presents U-M's organizational competencies along with detailed information about how they can be successfully applied by staff members and supervisors.

Plant Academy—Plant Academy develops and delivers education, skills and organization development programs and services to support and reinforce the mission, policies, culture and strategic goals of U-M Facilities and Operations.

Recruitment and Retention Trends—The U-M Human Capital Report provides provides retention, recruitment, and retirement eligibility data to assist departments with their human resource planning.   

Recruitment and Employment Services—This site provides resources to assist University of Michigan departments with the recruitment, employment, promotion and transfer of individuals for positions within the Career Family Classification System as well as instructional and primary, service/maintenance, trades, operating engineers, security and police positions.

Staff Human Resources—Staff HR provides advice, guidance, and direction to operating units employees and management on labor and staff relations, compensation, external agency complaints and employment litigation, affirmative action, union contract negotiation/administration, mediation, staff training and more.

University Human Resources—The University Human Resources web site offers resources for career and professional development, answers to frequently asked questions, information on U-M benefits and job postings and employment information.

University of Michigan-Dearborn Leader Resources—A variety of tools and resources for staff satisfaction, performance planning, work/life resources, health and wellness, injury prevention, and more.

University of Michigan Health System Human Resources
—The UMHS Human Resources web site provides a wealth of useful tools and tips for employees, supervisors and timekeepers.

University of Michigan Health System Human Resources Performance Management System—UMHS Human Resources Performance Planning resources include a variety of tools to assist departments with Performance Management.

Work/Life Resource CenterWork/Life Resource Center helps staff, faculty, and students achieve work/life integration. Consult this site for resources for eldercare, childcare, and other tools for work/life balance, such as flexible scheduling and child care leaves of absence.

Recommended Reading

"Retention in a Tough Economy," an interview with HR consultant Barbara Butterfield, former chief human resource officer at the University of Michigan.

See also Butterfield’s recent article, Talent Management Strategies for Attracting and Retaining the Best and Brightest,” published in the Spring/Summer 2008 CUPA-HR Journal.

The KEi Employee Retention Wheel provides a conceptual diagram illustrating key factors in employee job performance success.