REPORTS: Standard Reports

The HR-Information Services Unit performs the following services:

  • Provide HR data to complete internal and external surveys
  • Provide HR data to complete forms/reports that procure and maintain federal/state contracts
  • Provide HR standard reporting and fulfill ad-hoc report requests across the University and to external agencies
  • Coordinate all HR related targeted emails with MAIS
  • Produce key regulatory and institutional reports such as the Human Capital Report.

Listed are reports that provide HR demographics and other HR information that you may find useful. For questions, please contact Denise Stegall or another member of the Information Services group for consultation.


HR-IS produces several reports on a recurring basis to address regulatory/institutional reporting requirements and survey requests.  HR-IS collaborates with the Office of Budget and Planning and other departments to deliver these key reports.

The following links lead to some of these reports and are available because they contain faculty/staff data demographic data that may be helpful when a department/unit needs headcount and other types of HR data.

Report Categories

Faculty/Staff Demographics


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Annual Salary Disclosure Report Data Source: HEPROD

Description: Under the 'Freedom of Information Act' the University of Michigan is required to produce an annual 'Salary Disclosure Report. Definition of fields provided in this report.

Salary Disclosure Report, as of 11/1/2014: View in PDF format

Salary Disclosure Report, as of 11/1/2013: View in PDF format

You may find previous years of the report in many of the campus libraries, including the University Archives, Bentley Historical Library at or you can contact the Bentley Historical Library via phone at 734-764-3482.

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The Analysis of Salaries Paid to the University of Michigan Regular Instructional Faculty, Regular Clinical Instructional Faculty, Lecturers and Graduate Student Instructors (FSA) ReportData Source: HEPROD

Description: This report, published annually, analyzes current salaries of the University of Michigan's regular instructional faculty, regular clinical instructional faculty, lecturers, and graduate student instructors. The report reflects the individual’s status effective on November 1 of the given year. All active and paid leave appointments are selected. Although most changes in salary rates occur on an annual cycle, these data are subject to change by normal on-going personnel actions.

You may find previous years of the report at the University Archives, Bentley Historical Library at or you can contact the Bentley Historical Library via phone at 734-764-3482.


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2015 Faculty and Staff Profile by Headcount and FTE
Data Sources: HR02

Description: A comprehensive report that displays the number of Faculty, Supplemental employees and Staff by headcount and FTE across all campuses.

Faculty and staff profile by headcount and FTE: View in Tableau


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Annual FTE (Full Time Equivalent) Report
— Data Source: HR02

Description: The FTE visualization is updated each November and can be used for surveys or for 5 year trend analysis. They provide a count of employees based on their FTE/effort. All regular active and paid leave faculty and staff are selected. FTE counts are broken down by Job Family within unit/campus and across fund group. Faculty counts are also broken down by tenure status. Several filters are included to allow customization.

This report can be accessed by UM employees only.

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Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) Reports (EEO-6) — Data Source: HEPROD

Description: The IPEDS surveys are completed annually and include counts of all regular active and paid leave faculty and staff. Counts are broken down by IPEDS categories, full-time/part-time (anything less than 40 hours), ethnicity/gender, appointment periods, and campuses. The faculty IPEDs category includes Regular Clinical Instructional, Regular Instructional, Supplemental Instructional, LEO Lecturers, LEO Adjunct Lecturers, Primary Research (Research Scientist and Research Professor tracks only – Librarians, Curators, and Archivists are counted as ‘other professional’), Supplemental Primary, Emeritus, and Research Fellows job families unless otherwise noted. The Instructional/Research Assistant category includes Graduate Student Instructors (GSI's), Graduate Student Research Assistants (GSRA’s), Graduate Student Staff Assistants (GSSA’s), and House Officers.

Reports reflect data as of November 1 of the year indicated. Documents are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

2014 Surveys

Annual Summary Reports

You may find previous years of the IPEDS Summary Report at the University Archives, Bentley Historical Library at or you can contact the Bentley Historical Library via phone at 734-764-3482.

For more information about IPEDS please see the National Center for Education Statistics website at

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Job Classification Summary Reports
— Data Source: HR01, as of 02/16/2015   
Description: This report provides listing of all active jobcodes. You can download the EXCEL report to sort it by jobcode, jobcode Description,job families, job group and benefit families.     

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Management Communication Code (3D) Reports
— Data Source: HR01, as of 6/30/2015

Description: This set of reports provides a listing of all active jobcodes in the management communication categories and a summary report (count) of jobcodes by management communication codes.

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Retirement Eligibility Report Data Source: HR02, as of 5/1/2015

Description: The “Retirement Eligibility Report” provides information on the percent of eligible retirements for current, 2017 and 2019. All regular active and paid leave faculty and staff are included in the report.

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Other Sources of HR Data/Reporting

Other sources for HR reports and data are available and listed below. You can access these environments from Wolverine Access. There are security requirements for each environment.

NOTE: The report formerly listed on this page, Productive Time Analysis” is now a Business Objects corporate document called CMB Prod Time Analysis (Campus) [HR01, PY01].

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