Graduate Student Appointments:
Appointment Procedures for Graduate Student Instructors
and Graduate Student Staff Assistants

The nature and definitions of GSI and GSSA positions, as well as other information about the terms and conditions of employment in such positions, are described in the University’s collective bargaining agreement between the University and the Graduate Employees Organization.

Current information about stipends and processing dates is available in the memorandum regarding “Processing Appointments for Graduate Student Assistants”.

When to Process Appointments

All appointments should be prepared and submitted prior to the beginning of the term or other period of appointment.

Late appointments: In this context, a ‘late appointment’ is one that is sent to Human Resources subsequent to the first pay date of the appointment period involved. Because the specific period of appointment for GSI’s and GSSA’s has numerous implications for the employee contractual rights and benefits, a written statement affirming that the activities involved in the appointment are, in fact, taking place throughout the designated period should accompany any late appointments. Even with proper documentation, the late processing of a GSI/GSSA appointment could have adverse impacts, such as:

  • Wage payments can be delayed
  • Insurance coverage, tuition waivers, and other benefits afforded to GSI’s / GSSA’s can be affected.
  • The University could be subject to penalties if the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9) is not processed on a timely basis.


Process hires, rehires and additional appointments, including fraction calculation, using the online eRecruit system.

Access by going to Wolverine Access, click on the "Faculty & Staff" tab and select ”M-Pathways Student Administration & Human Resource Management System" under "University Business", then select “Recruiting” from the “Main Menu”.

For more information, reference materials are found in the eRecruit section of MyLINC.

Click here to access eRecruit User Resources on My LINC.

Alternate path: Go to Wolverine Access, click on the "Faculty & Staff" tab and select "My LINC" under "University Business." On My LINC, search "eRecruit" and select the document "eRecruit: User Resources."

The following forms can be found on the HRRIS website

  • Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9)
  • Fraction Calculation Form

All forms, with appropriate authorizing signatures, should be submitted directly to:

4073 Wolverine Tower 3003 South State Street Ann Arbor MI 48109-1281
(734) 764-9250 FAX (734) 763-1283

Questions about the University’s collective bargaining agreement with GEO should be directed to the Academic Human Resources office.