Advancing Asians in Leadership Task Force


Address the underrepresentation of Asians in leadership roles and connect Asians with resources and support needed for advancement at Michigan Medicine and beyond.


David Brown, MD, Associate Vice President and Associate Dean for Health Equity and Inclusion; Associate Professor of Otolaryngology

Sonya Jacobs, MS, Chief Organizational Learning Officer and Senior Director, Faculty and Leadership Development

Statement of Purpose 

Provide opportunities for development, advocate for diverse and inclusive leadership, combat biases and stereotypes and address structural barriers to promote advancement of Asians at Michigan Medicine.


The primary objectives of the Advancing Asians in Leadership Task Force:

  • Increase visibility
    • Increase awareness of the “bamboo ceiling” and contributing factors
    • Promote the work of AAiL and Asian American faculty and staff through communications, events and recognition programs to increase visibility and break down stereotypes 
  • Share data
    • Collect, track, and socialize local data on representation and career progression of Asians at Michigan Medicine
    • Promote research and discussion on barriers that contribute to the bamboo ceiling at Michigan Medicine
  • Lead change
    • Recommend interventions to address barriers and determine how to implement.
    • Align recommendations with mission, values, and strategic priorities and integrate when possible with people management and culture change efforts
  • Build community
    • Serve as a resource for Asian members of our U-M community who seek connections, mentoring, development, amplification or support
    • Partner with like-minded groups and faculty whose research and body of work relate to the advancement of Asians
    • Serve as allies and identify other individuals to partner, support, and promote the advancement of all URMs


Michigan Medicine faculty and staff, and partner groups on campus as appropriate